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Jun 27, 2012EU11 Regular Economic Report (Featured Report)
Mar 28, 2012Reports on the impact of Basel III and the Resolution of Non-Performing Loans in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (Featured Report)
Jan 31, 2012Fighting Corruption in Public Services: Chronicling Georgia’s Reforms (Featured Report)
Jan 24, 2012Golden Growth: Restoring the lustre of the European economic model (Featured Report)
Dec 15, 2011Republic of Serbia Country Economic Memorandum (Featured Report)
Dec 06, 2011Opportunities for Men and Women: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Nov 15, 2011South East Europe Regular Economic Report November 2011 (Featured Report)
Oct 20, 2011Skills, Not Just Diplomas: Managing Education for Results in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Oct 10, 2011Igniting Innovation: Rethinking the Role of Government in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Sep 15, 2011Growing Risks: Russian Economic Report #26 (Featured Report)
Aug 18, 2011Barriers to Trade in Services in the CEFTA Region (Featured Report)
Jun 08, 2011Securing Stability and Growth: Russian Economic Report #25 (Featured Report)
May 16, 2011Public-Private Partnerships in Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Apr 15, 2011Rising Food and Energy Prices in Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Mar 30, 2011Sustaining Reforms under the Oil Windfall: Russian Economic Report 24 (Featured Report)
Feb 28, 2011The Jobs Crisis. Household and Government Responses to the Great Recession in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Featured Report)
Dec 08, 2010Long Term Care Policies for Older Populations in New EU Member States and Croatia: Challenges and Opportunities (Featured Report)
Nov 02, 2010Russian Economic Report 23: Growth with Moderation and Uncertainty (Featured Report)
Jul 09, 2010Advancing Innovation in the Republic (Featured Report)
Jun 16, 2010Russian Economic Report 22: A Bumpy Recovery (Featured Report)
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