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NGOs & Civil Society

The growth of civil society has been one of the most significant trends in international development. Partnerships amongst governments, businesses and civil society organizations (CSOs) are increasingly seen as one of the most effective ways to raise standards of living and achieve sustainable development.

Small Grants Program

The World Bank's Office in Tirana has been allocating grants to civil society organizations under the  Small Grants Program (SmGP). The Small Grants Program was created to promote dialogue and dissemination of information on  development, and to enhance partnerships with the civil society.  The SmGP aims to empower marginalized and vulnerable groups to give them a voice in development processes.

To date, the Small Grants Program has allocated 77 small grants for a total amount of US$ 286,000  between 2001-2008. 

The World Bank's Civil Society web site provides CSOs with information and materials on the World Bank’s evolving relationship with civil society throughout the world. In addition, the  World Bank's Europe and Central Asia Region website deals with civil society issues specific to the region.

Participatory Budgeting Workshop - April 20, 2006
The second workshop on Participatory Budgeting took place on April 20, 2006. The scope of it was to convene local government mayors, LG staff, citizen representatives and implementation partners who participated in the PB pilot. The participants shared their lessons, discussed the impact of the pilots, challenges they faced during this two years of project implementation and their plans for continuing the process in the future. The participants noted that the PBP was a great experience, which helped towards achievement of multiply objectives: (i) increase the transparency of the budget process both in terms of formulation and implementation,and enable the Local Government Units to better communicate with the citizens on budget related issues; (ii) improve the image of the municipal staff and minimize citizen perception about corruption within the Local Government administrations; (iii) improved budget allocations according to priorities selected by the community, (iv) improve the political deliberations during the budget approval process in the city council meeting. More...

Participatory Budgeting Workshop - November 19, 2004
A workshop on lessons learned from Albania’s Participatory Budgeting Experience, sponsored by the World Bank, the Urban Research Institute, and the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralization, took place on November 12 in Tirana. The aim was to share experiences gained from four pilot locations in Albania. These were developed under the Participatory Budget Pilot Project, which offers an innovative approach for planning and formulating budgets. The discussion focused on the impact of participatory budgeting on transparency and accountability of the budget, and the major challenges of implementing participatory budgeting.  The next phase of the participatory budgeting pilot, including ways to scale up the experience and share lessons to a broader audience, was also discussed during the workshop. The workshop was attended by officials from four pilot local units, as well as representatives from central and local government, NGOs, and donor representatives. More...

Conference on Roma and Egyptians: From Social Exclusion to Social Inclusion - May 28, 2004

 Roma Conference May 2004

The Roma and Egyptian conference  follows in the line of NSSED and builds on the basis of the Qualitative Poverty Assessment (2002), and suplements the Government of Albania request on a Needs Assessment. This conference provided the opportunities to discuss the investigations of the Needs Assessment report on the socio-economic, cultural, institutional, and historical situation of

Roma and Egyptians communities in 11 sites across Albania. 


The Needs Assessment on Roma and Egyptians in Albania is supported by the American Embassy, Soros Foundation, Swiss Development Corporation, UNDP, and the World Bank, as well as Roma and Egyptian communities across Albania who actively participated since the beginning of this process. More...


Participatory Budget Pilot Project - May 12, 2004

 Participatory Budget Pilot 

The World Bank together with Urban Research Institute have initiated a new pilot in Albania which promotes a new dimension of citizens involvement in decision making process. The Participatory Budgeting Pilot aims to strengthen citizens participation in local governance, specifically in budget formulation,execution and monitoring and help build a dialogue between citizens and their

local  governments.This pilot will allow key stakeholders an opportunity to test mechanisms in which budgetary decisions are transparent, inclusive and accountable. More...

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