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Participatory Budgeting Workshop Held in Tirana, November 19, 2004

Begins:   Nov 19, 2004 16:45
Ends:   Nov 19, 2004 17:30

A workshop on lessons learned from Albania’s Participatory Budgeting Experience, sponsored by the World Bank, the Urban Research Institute, and the Ministry of Local Government and Decentralization, took place on November 19 in Tirana. The aim was to share experiences gained from four pilot locations in Albania. These were developed under the Participatory Budget Pilot Project, which offers an innovative approach for planning and formulating budgets. The discussion focused on the impact of participatory budgeting on transparency and accountability of the budget, and the major challenges of implementing participatory budgeting.  The next phase of the participatory budgeting pilot, including ways to scale up the experience and share lessons to a broader audience, was also discussed during the workshop. The workshop was attended by officials from four pilot local units, as well as representatives from central and local government, NGOs, and donor representatives.

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The World Bank

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