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Albania inherited a poor road and highway system from the Communist period. Only nine percent of rural households own a car or truck or have access to one. Over the last several years the government has invested in national highways running East-West and North-South. However, there are not enough of these investments and the quality of existing roads makes travel slow and difficult. along with other rural infrastructure problems, is driving much of the rural-urban migration.

The main objectives for the sector include: (i) establishing a modern infrastructure network for an effective transport system to facilitate growth; (ii) increasing efficiency of cost recovery in transport operations by reducing the demand on the state budget; (iii) streamlining of transport operations with an aim of increasing economic efficiency, road safety, and environment protection; and (iv) promoting cooperation with the private sector and the development in the context of the Stability Pact.

The World Bank has financed several projects and most of them are now successfully completed. The ongoing Road Maintenance Project (2002) supports reduced transport costs of the national and rural road network. A second objective is to improve accessibility to and from rural areas to essential services such as health, education and other facilities. World Bank financing has helped repair or construct 1,700 km of rural roads and 1,300 km of national roads. In the beneficiary areas, road rehabilitation brought positive changes in access to education, health, postal and banking services.

A recently prepared Transport Strategy takes stock of overall transport sector issues and needs, especially in the context of Albania's alignment with EU structures.

Through a proposed Transport Project, the World Bank is committed to the improvement of the Durres-Morine road. This investment is widely perceived as a critical investment for the growth of the impoverished northeastern Albania.

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