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World Bank supports Youth Civic Engagement and Environmental Protection in Albania

TIRANA, May 7, 2008 – Today the World Bank Office in Tirana announced the winners of the Civil Society Fund for 2008. The focus of the program this year was youth civic engagement and environment protection. The winning projects through a range of activities intend:

  • to protect both the urban and the rural environment;
  • to promote the awareness among the communities over the environmental situation and to figure out solutions to its related issues;
  • to initiate a positive environmental change/attitude through partnerships, lobbying process, and public participation etc;
  • to help get better acquainted with the legislation in the field of environment and to promote participation in decision-making process by local actors;
  • to promote a greater participation among youth in discussions and activities at both national and local level on issues related to youth policies, education, good governance, public transparency, brain drain, environmental protection, cultural values etc;
  • to empower the marginalized/excluded groups and in particular needy youth in order for them to exercise the public right to information;

The external advisory board consisting of representatives from donors’ community, international organizations focused on civil society, central and local government as well as the Internal Grant Selection Committee composed of World Bank staff selected 8 project proposals for funding out of a total of 78 project proposals, this after carefully examining all of the project proposals submitted. The total amount available for this year program was $35.000, while the amount for each project ranges from $ 4.000 to  $ 5000. On the other hand, the geographical distribution of projects varies from districts such as Mati, Tirana, Fieri, Perrenjasi, Elbasan, Korca, Vlora, Saranda, to Delvina.

The following projects and organizations were announced winners for programs for the year 2008:

The World Bank Office along with the Youth Voice Group recently established within this Office will be in constant touch with the grant receivers in the course of the implementation of their project to keep track of the targets and the purpose of the program achieved. Based also on the previous success of this program, The World Bank Office will continue to strengthen the cooperation with NGOs operating in the country with the view to furthering the agenda of social economic developmental issues.

The Program of Civil Society Fund offers grants to the civil society with the intention of promoting dialogue and disseminating information on development as such. The program was started back in 1983 and is funded by the Development Grant Facility of World Bank.

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