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Albania Youth Voice Group Progress Report FY08

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The Albania YVG continued to implement the Action Plan prepared at the end of FY07 according to the main directions set in the plan: Anticorruption, Environment protection, and Education. Through many activities they tried to ensure a fruitful connection between other Youth networks in the country and the World Bank Office in Tirana. In this report we have presented the main activities for YVG Albania during FY08. Almost activities were supported with promotional materials, T-shirts with special mottos on Anticorruption, Environment, and Education.

  • Informing about World Bank Disclosure Policy - Tirana International Book Fair

Book fair photoYouth Voice Group Members took part on the Tirana International Book Fair that was organized on November in Tirana. Thousands of visitors had the chance to get information on what is the World Bank doing in the country, how they can access to the World Bank publications and Reports, What is the Youth Voice Group and what are some of the activities they have done. Learn more


  • Green and Clean environment for our schoolsPlanting trees

Planting treesEnvironment is an important topic for the members of Albania YVG. Raising awareness on the environmental issues in the country was done in a very interesting way. In collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana, the YVG organized two activities in the Ibrahim Brahja and Dhora Leka schools. These schools are in Tirana’s suburban areas and lacked the green areas. So, the YVG members donated linden and mimosa trees for both schools. Learn more


  • Implementing Monitoring Principles - Civil Society Fund Projects

Monitoring SmGPYouth Voice Group members were involved in the monitoring process of Civil Society Fund projects of FY 08 all over the country. This year the focus of the program of Civil Society Fund was the youth civic engagement and environmental protection, both very close to the Youth Voice Group activities. That’s why the YVG members took the opportunity to promote the program of grants to different organizations since many of them live in different cities, especially to the youth organizations. Learn more


  • Working together as a UN team – World Environment Day

World Environment Day - 5 June 2008World Bank and United Nations joined forces to promote World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June.  The event is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. Learn more


  • Your NO helps - Public Debate on Anticorruption

Anticorruption activityYouth Voice Group in cooperation with the Citizen Advocacy Office (CAO), a well-known NGO, organized a joint activity on anticorruption. Corruption is a very sensitive issue for the Bank and also for the country as well as for the YVG members. The activity tried to raise awareness on concrete actions against corruptions in schools. This activity involved the students, teachers, and parent’s community of three high schools in Tirana. Learn more


  • Let’s talk about Energy - Public Debate Tournament on Energy Efficiency and Environment

Energy DebateCritical thinking is a powerful intellectual value strongly promoted in the education curricula of the developed countries, as well as one of the main skills that debate aims to learn and develop to the young people, and this skill will strongly affect their way learning, thinking and acting. The main purpose of the debate was to learn the youngsters to debate using their judgment on a very important issue such as Energy Efficiency and Environment. This was an attractive way to raise awareness on energy and environmental issues between young people and also a good chance to mention the World Bank financed projects on energy in the country. Learn more

  • You have a VOICE? Use it!  - Essay Competition

Essay CompetitionThe Essay Competition was organized in collaboration with the British Council; Let’s get started Albania network and other stake holders. This is a very important event for the youngsters of Albania, as this is a way for them to present their thoughts and opinions regarding important topics of development. Learn more


  • Sharing experiences from the region - Joint Retreat with Serbia YVG

Retreat YVG Albania & SerbiaAlbania YVG and Serbia YVG organized a joint retreat to continue its activities on a regional level, in Albania. This was an excellent opportunity for both groups to exchange experiences, best practices and also to plan other future cooperation between two them. Learn more


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