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World Bank supports civic engagement for improved social accountability in Albania

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TIRANA, April 15, 2009 – Today the World Bank Office in Tirana announced the winners of the Civil Society Fund for 2009. The focus of the program this year was civic engagement for improved social accountability. The winning projects will help to:

  • Improve public transparency and accountability of development activities, contributing to the enabling environment for good governance;
  • Promote greater citizen participation and discussion at the national and local level on issues related to control of corruption;
  • Promote public accountability for improved access and quality of basic services;
  • Empower communities and different groups to exercise the public rights for access to information and governance monitoring;
  • Strengthen accountability mechanisms for advocacy and increased involvement of citizens and civil society to encourage improved performance of public services delivery and policy making-bodies;
  • Give voice to the concerns of primary and secondary stakeholders and help that their views are factored into policy and program decisions;

After carefully reviewing around 70 project proposals, the External Evaluation Committee comprising representatives from the donor community and international organizations focused on civil society, and an Internal Evaluation Committee composed of World Bank staff, has selected 8 winning projects. The total amount available for this year program was $45,000, while the average grant size was $5,600. The geographical distribution of projects covers almost all regions of the country.

The following NGOs and their respective projects met the criteria for receiving grants by the Civil Society Fund:

The Program of Civil Society Fund offers grants to the civil society with the intention of promoting dialogue and disseminating information on development as such. The program was started back in 1983 and is funded by the Development Grant Facility of World Bank.

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