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World Bank supports empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable groups in the development processes in Albania

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TIRANA, April 23, 2010 – Today the World Bank Office in Tirana announced the winners of the Civil Society Fund for 2010. The focus of the program for 2010 is civic engagement of the marginalized and vulnerable groups in order to be represented in the development processes and the supported projects will promote:

  • Access to information and networking of the marginalized and vulnerable groups with other organizations/institutions;
  • Public awareness on the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable groups;
  • Empowerment of communities and different groups to exercise the public rights for access to information and governance monitoring;
  • Establishment or strengthening of the civil society networks through information dissemination, awareness campaigns, debates, forums, etc.;
  • Social integration of the marginalized and vulnerable groups;
  • Increasing capacities of these groups to influence the public opinion and to negotiate with central and local government;
  • Participation in decision making of these groups;

Seventy project-proposals were received and carefully reviewed by the External Evaluation Committee comprising representatives from the donor community and international organizations working with civil society programs, and an Internal Evaluation Committee composed of World Bank staff, selecting 9 winning projects. The following NGOs and their respective projects are the winners for this year. 

Aksion Plus Involvement of Youngsters in the National Network of Community Services for Offenders,  Tirana, Durres, Fier and Vlora
This project aims at actively involving youngsters of Tirana, Durres, Fier and Vlora in the Network of Community Services established by some organizations in Albania. This network supports activities in promoting the use of alternative sentences for offenders coming from marginalized groups.

M.I.K.E.Empower women through participation and monitoring of local government policies and programs, Tirana
The project will increase the capacities of local women organizations and unrepresented women to participate in the planning and monitoring of local government policies and programs. The project aims to promote gender based services which are missing at the local government level.

Shoqata “Romet e Veriut” – Roma community and the reality, Lezha
The project aims at increasing the knowledge of the Roma community of the northern part of the country for their rights, and their capacities for cooperation with the local government for better local policies and programs.

Instituti për Demokraci dhe NdërmjetësimIncreasing social cohesion through inclusive agendas,  Tirana
The project aims at lobbing and advocating that public policies are consulted with vulnerable and marginalized groups, which directly affects their participation in decision-making and their access to resources and development opportunities. Through a series of round tables, including public debate with public and private actors will provide a useful experience for the promotion of new policies or recommendation.

Instituti per Rinovimin e Politikave Sociale & Shoqata per Integrimin e Grave Tekstiliste Respectable and insured work for working women,  Tirana
The project will create a synergy between job providers, syndicates, civil society and State Labor Inspectorate aiming at improving the standards and labor conditions as well as increasing the women’s knowledge on their rights in the apparel and footwear industry.

Dyert e se Ardhmes – Participatory budgeting and inclusion of marginalized groups in the budget process in Fier municipality, Fier
Participatory budgeting aims at increasing civic participation in decision making, fostering administrative reforms as well as delivery of public funding in areas with limited access to public services. Through this project the organization aims at increasing the capacities and including the Roma community of Fier municipality in this process.

Qendra Europiane – Informing women on the their rights and promoting information and literature in the women’s prison, Tirana
This project is linked with an on-going project, financed by AECID. Through this project the center will try to expand the information window for the women in prison. The activities will focus on  women’s rights, especially protection from domestic violence, their rights according to the Family Law, as well as encourage them towards the world of literature providing them with a minimum level of intellectual knowledge during the time they serve their sentence in prison

Shoqata “Ndergjegjesim per Progres” – Increasing awareness of Macedonian community about their rights and creating a network of Macedonian minority organizations, Prespa, Korce.
Through training of the Macedonian community for their rights as a minority, open discussions and debates for improving their capacities the project aims at encouraging their participation and presentation in the economic and social life. The project will finalize with the creation of a national network of Macedonian minority NGOs throughout the country.

Qendra “Femijet Sot” Empowering youngsters through participation in the local government, Tirana
The organization aims to encourage and empower the youngster’s participation in the local government decision making process through the establishment of a Youngsters Advisory Group to Municipality Council of Tirana.

The total amount available for this year program was $45,000 and the geographical distribution of projects covers almost all regions of the country.

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