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Most of the World Bank's research is available free of charge through this website. Use the Advanced Searchengine to find specific World Bank reports. Publications can also be purchased on-lineor consulted in person at the Bank's many Public Information Centers. Below are a few recent highlights.

Governance in Albania: A Way Forward for Competitiveness, Growth, and European Integration - Një axhendë e re për rritjen e ardhshme ekonomike të Shqipërisë

Albania’s ‘governance profile’ offered a broad review of the country’s key governance indicators, an analysis of relevant...

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News & Noteworthy

Governance in the Protection of Immovable Property Rights in Albania: A Continuing Challenge - Qeverisja në mbrojtjen e të drejtave mbi pronën e paluajtshme në Shqipëri: sfidë e vazhdueshme. 

Albania - Keeping Account of Education Governance - Household Perceptions in a Period of Reform - Shqipëria - Vlerësimi i qeverisjes në arsim - Perceptimet e familjeve gjatë një periudhe reformimi. 

Decentralization and Service Delivery in Albania: Governance in the Water Sector - Decentralizimi dhe Realizimi i Shërbimeve në Shqipëri: Qeverisja në Sektorin e Ujit. 

Albania: The New Growth Agenda - Country Economic Memorandum - Një axhendë e re për rritjen e ardhshme ekonomike të Shqipërisë  - This recent World Bank report explores future sources of grow as Albania enters a new stage of development

Confronting “Death on Wheels” Making Roads Safe in Europe and Central Asia  - “Death on wheels” evokes a bleak image, but an appropriate one for countries in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region.

Albania - Mining sector reform, restructuring, and future prospects - Reforma ne sektorin minerar në Shqiperi, ristrukturimi dhe mundësitë në të ardhmen
This report provides a concise overview of the current situation of the mining sector in Albania. It evaluates the major events that took place in the last two decades (especially regarding the privatization process), and examines its governance, overarching policies and its legal frameworks that have guided the sector development.

From Fragmentation to Cooperation: Tertiary Education, Research and Development in South Eastern Europe - Nga Copëzimi në Bashkëpunim: Arsimi i Lartë, Kërkimi dhe Zhvillimi në Evropën Jug-Lindore
The objectives of this paper are to outline the directions for policy reform in tertiary education and research in the countries of the Balkans and to identify ways in which the World Bank can help these countries pursue this reform agenda, especially through regional collaboration.

Albania - Urban growth, migration and poverty reduction : a poverty assessment - Shqipëria: Zhvillimi Urban, Migrimi dhe Ulja e Varfërisë, Një vlerësim mbi varfërinë
This sector report claims that in the three years between 2002 and 2005 alone, almost 235,000 people have moved out of poverty in Albania. Strong economic growth and large inflow of remittances are at the center of this impressive achievement. However, low productivity of predominantly small family farms has put a drag on rural growth prospects.

Albania Strategic Policies for a More Competitive Agriculture Sector - Shqipëria: Politika Strategjike për një Sektor Bujqësor më Konkurrues
Recent trends in Albania suggest that it has the potential for a modern and competitive agricultural sector, provided there is the right policy environment to engender sufficient private investment. Nevertheless, as other sectors continue to grow, agriculture’s relative contribution to GDP i s likely to fall spending.

Albania Access to Finance for Enterprise Sector - Mundësitë e Shqipërisë për financimin e sektorit të ndërmarrjeve
This report focused on trade, services, and agriculture; however, the limited scope of their operations still leaves a potentially large unmet demand for credit in agriculture. It focuses on problems related to the operation of Immovable Property Registry System (IPRS) and other institutions and the formalization of property rights and inscription of mortgages.

Albania Urban Sector Review - Vlerësim i Sektorit Urban në Shqipëri
This report on Albania urban sector review focuses on trends and issues that have come to the fore with rapid urbanization and with the recent decentralization of major responsibilities to local governments. Continuing the achievements and addressing the problems will require actions by local governments and, just as importantly, by the central government, which sets the legal and regulatory conditions for local governance and the tone of political leadership.

Albania Social Insurance Review - Shqipëria, Rishikim i Sistemit të Sigurimeve Shoqërore
This social insurance review on Albania will focus largely on pensions, given that they are the largest component of the payroll tax and the largest expenditure item by far. The problems of the pension system can be addressed by reforming the pension system such that benefits will not decline sharply in the future, contribution rates will be lowered somewhat, disincentives to contribution will be removed, and rural workers will be treated identically to urban workers should they choose to continue contributing to the pension system.

Albania Restructuring Public Expenditures to Sustain Growth - Ristrukturimi i Shpenzimeve Publike për të Mbështetur Rritjen në Shqipëri
The 2006 Public Expenditure and Institutional Review highlights the critical importance of restructuring public expenditure in order to enhance the efficiency of public resource use and maximize the growth impact of public spending.

Participatory Budgeting Toolkit for Local Governments in Albania - Participatory Budgeting Toolkit for Local Governments (in Albanian)
This toolkit serves to provide step by step guidelines to officials in Albanian communes, municipalities, and other government bodies who wish to learn about or implement participatory budgeting. Secondly, the toolkit is intended as a learning tool for civil society organizations in other countries.

Status of Land Reform and Real Property Markets in Albania - Status of Land Reform and Real Property Markets (in Albanian)
This "stocktaking" report looks at the main elements of land and property reform, describing the current status of reform and factors that are obstacles to its completion. The report looks at still-open policy issues that must be resolved and considers aspects of environmental protection, land use control and management. The report concludes with recommendations for priority actions in the next stages of reform.

Albania Health Sector Note - Albania Health Sector Note (in Albanian)
This report explores the situation of the Health Care System of Albania. It examines the health outcome and challenges in the context of the new demographic and socio-economic changes. The report also provides analysis of the use of resources for health care delivery and distribution among regions. It examines the quality of the health care and the financing aspect of this system.

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