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Development Topics

Development Topics in Albania

Development Topics Transport photo

Albania inherited a poor road and highway system from the past. Over the last years the government has invested in national highways running East-West and North-South. However, more investments are needed and the quality of existing roads makes travel slow and difficult.

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Albania, like most other transitional countries experienced deterioration in a number of sectors, including the energy sector. In an attempt to address the fundamental issues affecting the energy sector, the Government of Albania is implementing an action plan to improve the sector performance.

Private and Financial Sector Development
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A primary World Bank Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) objective is to promote sustainable sector growth, which treats the private sector as the driving force behind growth.

Poverty Reduction and Economic Management
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Part of the population below the poverty line fell between 2002 and 2005 because of strong economic growth and large inflows of remittances. However, the distribution of benefits was uneven.

Water Supply and Sanitation
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Albania can be considered a water-abundant country. However, resources are unevenly distributed throughout the country...

Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
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Albania is a relatively small, very mountainous country with a population of about 3.1 million people. Only 24 percent of its land is classified as agricultural land, while 36 percent is forests and 15 percent is pastureland. Yet, agriculture provides the income basis for most of the population.

Governance, Administrative Reform and Anticorruption
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One of the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) objectives in Albania is to improve governance and strengthen institutions. The World Bank - in close coordination with other donors - has focused on building critical central capacities, including public administration and the civil service, public expenditure management, and legal and judicial institutions.

Human Development
Development Topics Human Development

Over the past decade Albania has experienced expansionary as well as recessive economic trends, accompanied by changes in education, healthcare and social protection systems; during which time the World Bank provided support for improvement in the previously mentioned fields. The country program under the Human Development umbrella attempts to address the myriad of challenges that touch on the fundamental aspects of human capital development and the well-being of households.

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