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REPARIS Approach & Benefits

Systematic Approach

The REPARIS Program is designed around the introduction, implementation, and effective enforcement of relevant portions of the EU acquis communautaire with a view to contribute to foreign direct and portfolio investment, foster private and financial sector developments, and facilitate eventual integration into (or harmonization with) the European Union. Importantly, the program is built on a robust analytical underpinning, the A&A ROSC and a systematic approach to the development of a multi-faceted reform program.



The REPARIS Program contributes to long-term prosperity by promoting private and financial sector growth and reducing volatility through:

  • Strengthening financial architecture and reducing the risk of financial market crises and their associated negative economic impacts.
  • Promoting foreign direct and portfolio investment and helping to mobilize domestic savings.
    Allowing investors, both domestic and foreign, to better evaluate corporate prospects and make informed investments and voting decisions, which will result in a lower cost of capital and a better allocation of resources.
  • Facilitating smaller-scale corporate borrowers’ (e.g., micro, small and medium enterprises) access to credit from the formal financial sector by lowering high costs of information and borrowing.
  • Facilitating potential integration into the European Union.

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