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REPARIS Vienna Conference and Workshops 2006

On March 14 to 16, 2006, the World Bank, in collaboration with the European Commission and with generous support from the Austrian Development Cooperation, held a three-day event, to discuss the importance of high-quality corporate financial reporting, including a two-day series of workshops and a ministerial conference at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria.

REPARIS Conf 2006

Dr. Kurt Bayer
(Ministry of Finance, Austria, Deputy Director General)

Ambassador Linhart
(Austrian Development Agency)

Mr. Shigeo Katsu
(World Bank, Regional Vice President)

“The first ideas on European integration were addressed by the Vienna Congress nearly 200 years ago. The REPARIS workshops and ministerial conference, held in the very same premises, have made an important contribution to realizing the idea of European integration for financial reporting and beyond.”

Mr. Erik Van-Der-Plaats
Former Deputy Head of Unit, DG Internal Market, European Commission

REPARIS Conference 2006

On March 16, 2006, Ministers of Finance and other high-level policymakers of the countries and entities of South East and South Central Europe committed themselves to building further on the momentum of the REPARIS Program, “Road to Europe – Program of Accounting Reform and Institutional Strengthening,” in an effort to meet the evolving challenges of EU accession and alignment.

The participants, including Ministers of Finance, Central Bank Governors, Banking, Insurance and Securities Supervisors, senior officials, and those responsible for the regulation and oversight of the audit and accountancy profession, called for the REPARIS initiative to continue to support reforms at national/entity level, but also to exploit synergies at regional level, through identifying and supporting reform in this regard. They welcomed the coordination between regulatory and development organizations, and were enthusiastic in their support for the proposal by the Austrian Ministry of Finance to host a REPARIS Secretariat in Vienna, which will give much-needed support to the program during its next stages.

REPARIS Conference 2006H.E. Mihail Pop
(Minister of Finance, Moldova),

Ms. Cristina Bortes
(Project Manager, FIRST Initiative),

Mr. John Hegarty
(Manager, World Bank), and

Mr. Martin Slough
(Senior Financial Specialist, World Bank)


Agenda - Workshops - March 14, 2006

REPARIS Schedule March 14

Agenda - Workshops - March 15, 2006

REPARIS Schedule March 15

Agenda Ministerial Conference - March 16, 2006

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