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Insurance Sector

The Adoption of IFRS in the Insurance Sector

Dynamics in Accounting and Auditing Related to Insurance Supervision

Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke, Member of the Secretariat, International Association of Insurance Supervisors
Introduction to IAIS and its working parties on accounting issues; Insurance Core Principles; IFRS from perspective of insurance supervisors; Insurance Contracts Phase I; Insurance Contracts Phase II; Supervisory Framework and roadmap for solvency assessment

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Source: Advanced Program 2006: Module 25

A New Era of Prudential Rules and Financial Reporting for Insurance

Catherine Guttmann

Catherine Guttmann, Member of EFRAG’s Technical Expert Group
New risk-based solvency requirements (Solvency II); Complete, prudent, relevant, common accounting principles as a pre requisite for assessing insurer’s capital requirements and enhancing the ability of insurers to call for capital; Main features of IFRS for insurance companies; IFRS 4 – Phase II – A common valuation of insurance liabilities for accounting and solvency purposes ?
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Source: Advanced Program 2006: Module 25

Relationship Between the Insurance Accounts Directive, IFRS, and Prudential Reporting

Karel Van Hulle

Karel Van Hulle, Head of Unit, Insurance, DG Internal Market, European Commission
The Insurance Accounts Directive
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Source: Advanced Program 2006: Module 26

The Particular Relevance of IFRS to Insurance Companies

Peter Clark

Peter Clark, Senior Project Manager, International Accounting Standards Board
Insurance contracts phase I; IFRS 4 Insurance contracts; IAS 39; Insurance contracts phase II; Convergence

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Source: Advanced Program 2006: Module 26

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