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Working together on developing Accounting and Auditing Education in Central and South East Europe, Launch of Education CoP, 23 - 24 June 2009

Vienna - On 23-24 June representatives from government, accounting and auditing professional bodies and academia of South East European economies met to launch the Accounting and Auditing Education Community of Practice (Education CoP).

JH CoP June09
John Hegarty

The purpose of the meeting was not only to establish the community of practice but also to put the group into a mode which would allow them to act as a community, discover what the different countries are doing, and become very explicit about what needs to be achieved by the group, including a shared vision of the community over the next three years.

The major activities included significant time allowing participants to explore what each country is doing and engaging participants in discussing their experiences. Etienne Wenger facilitated this process by encouraging participants to articulate what they would like to know about each other. Then in response to this list of questions, each group was asked to create a booth about accounting education in their country providing the necessary information for others. The first day concluded with a list of things they could do as a region to help address the issues voted on at the exploratory meeting. Additionally, the community used a questionnaire to start exploring more systematically how each country implements international standards. The goal of this initiated activity is to create a document that compares the different implementations and outlines an ideal regional approach. Finally, the community came up with a three-year timeline for its future activities.

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Workshop Participants

As its next activity groups of the Education CoP will put together a document analyzing the implementation of international standards in the region. It is planned to meet again physically this coming autumn and via video-conference in the mean time. The core areas of focus of the next meeting will include the review of the synopsis of implementation of international standards and the initiation of work items related to international standards.

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