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Students from PACE University visit the CFRR,
19 May 2010

Students from Pace University New York visiting Vienna on 19 May 2010 (Right: John Carchrae)On 19 May 2010 the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) was teeming with life. Some twenty or so undergraduate honors and MBA students from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, New York, visited the Centre to learn more about its work to support the development of financial reporting in the ECA region.

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Professors Michael Szenberg and Padma Kadaiyala organized a three day field study visit in Vienna. The visit to the Centre was held on the last day of the Vienna trip before the students returned to their studies at the Department of Finance and Graduate Economics.

Undergraduate honors and MBA students from four contintentsStudents from four continents listened attentively as John Carchrae, one of the CFRR's Senior Financial Management Specialists, talked about the fundamentals of financial reporting, the importance of high quality accounting and auditing, the role of the CFRR within the World Bank and how it works with its partners.

Presenter John Carchrae said about the visitors:

"While the students came from a US University, I was struck by their cultural diversity, including several who had close ties to the countries of the region with which we work. Even though they were primarily finance and MBA students rather than accountants, they clearly had a strong interest in the importance of financial reporting in the economic development of countries."

Enjoying the view from the 19th floor office of the CFRR"The fact that some of the people in the room came from the countries with which we as a Centre are dealing meant they could readily identify with the challenges facing the region. This first hand experience contributed to a lively discussion among the group rather than just a dry presentation!"

In engaging with such obviously motivated and high potential groups of students the CFRR contributes to raising awareness among the next generation of leaders of the importance of financial reporting, accounting and auditing as an underpinning for sound economic development.

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