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Legislation Training, April – May 2010, Warsaw

In April and May 2010, the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR), supported by the World Bank’s office in Poland, organized an interactive workshop on drawing up financial legislation in Warsaw.



The objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of the participants to draw up and amend financial legislation and regulations.


The CFRR provided 16 hours of training on the foundations of writing and reviewing legislation for 64 participants drawn from a range of public and private institutions, including the ministry of finance, the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors (KIBR) and the Association of Accountants in Poland (SKwP).

The training was delivered by Mr. Jakub Zabielski, a professional legislator, and covered all the main stages involved in drawing up by financial legislation, including:Foundation of Legislation Training, April – May 2010, Warsaw

  • The background to legislation and the creation of law
  • The interpretation of laws and regulations
  • Techniques used in preparing draft laws and regulations
  • The drafting of legal acts and internal regulations
  • The modification of legislation to take account of comments and objections, and the preparation of adjustments and revisions to existing legal acts and related internal regulations.


The participants were able to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge in drafting, reviewing, and correcting legal acts and other executive regulations. The training focused on case studies and practical aspects of the legislative process and involved the active participation of those attending. The knowledge gained will be directly applied in improving the legislative process in the areas of accounting and auditing. The participants expressed their appreciation for the quality of the training provided.

Information on FRTAP

About the FRTAP

This initiative was funded by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program under the Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program (FRTAP). FRTAP forms part of the Swiss Contribution (the enlargement contribution) to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU for those member states that joined the EU from 2004 onwards. It is managed by the CFRR.

The FRTAP for Poland seeks to support policymaking in the area of accounting and auditing by identifying areas where better regulation and/or enforcement can contribute to an improved business environment and also to assist in enhancing the capacity to carry out certain regulatory activities. In Poland, the program is entitled “Institutional and Regulatory Capacity Building for Corporate Sector Financial Reporting and Auditing at the National Level”

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