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Implementing Shared Approaches

Accounting and Auditing Education Community of Practice Workshop,
24 - 25 May 2010, Chisinau

The Fourth Accounting and Auditing Education Community of Practice (CoP) workshop took place in Chisinau on 24-25 May 2010. It was attended by representatives from universities, professional accounting bodies and audit chambers and regulators from the REPARIS economies.



This latest workshop aimed to explore in detail frameworks for implementing shared approaches, tools and content to support development of professional accounting education in the REPARIS region by drawing on existing experience within the region and by creating collaborative agreements among community members.


Professor Dragan Mekerevic, President of the Republika Srpska Association of Accountants and Auditors in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) shared the experience of the BiH Commission for Accounting and Auditing Standards in establishing a national professional education and examinations program, and how this programe operated through the various professional bodies in BiH since 2006. He highlighted that this program operated across the highly autonomous Entities within BiH and across several different languages.

Marina Selaru, Executive Director of ACAP Moldova described the features of the Russian Language CAP/CIPA program, an alternative regional approach. In her presentation Marina highlighted the absence of an overall framework for professional accountancy education in the Russian language, and this led to the evolution of the CAP/CIPA program in order to meet the shared needs of the professional bodies in the 11 former-Soviet countries where the program is used. Marina stressed the importance of market recognition for the new qualifications as a prerequisite for their eventual statutory recognition.

The group discussed the characteristics of the core elements of a professional accounting education program (content, examinations, practical experience and CPD) and the relative importance of these for qualifications that require greater market recognition (such as the roles of Management Accountants and similar professionals employed in the private and public sector) as compared with professional accountancy compliance roles, such as regulated services in public accounting and statutory audit.

Following a CFRR presentation on the Educational implications of the Statutory Audit Directive, and the complimentary role of the International Education Standard (IES-8) on the competence of audit professionals, Dr Zorica Bozinovska Lazarevska provided a presentation of the experience of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia (ICARM) in implementing the mandatory CPD requirements for Statutory Auditors in Macedonia during 2009. Participants in the Auditing and Oversight Community of Practice joined the workshop for this section.

As a humorous conclusion to the workshop, a debate was staged on the pros and cons of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Mr. John Hegarty, Head of the CFRR, and Mr. John Carchrae, Sr. Financial Managegment Specialist at the CFRR, took decidedly extreme positions to explore whether CPD benefits the providers who offer the training courses more than it does the attendees who receive it.


Having identified solutions that reflect best international practice, the Community decided that it should now move forward to develop and adopt shared tools and resources, starting with tools for implementing Continuing Professional Development throughout the region.


Video presentation
"Accounting Education to promote employability"

Liam Coughlan

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Video presentation
"How the Accounting and Auditing Commission
in Bosnia and Herzegovina functions"

Prof. Dragan Mekerevic

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Video presentation
"Continuing Professional Education for Certified
Auditors in the Republic of Macedonia"

Tatjana Todorovska

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Video debate
"The Pros and Cons of CPD"

For the purposes of the debate, John Hegarty takes the extreme
position that CPD is a scam. John Carchrae counters the argument.

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