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Second Accounting and Auditing Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) Workshop

3 - 4 November 2009, Dubrovnik

As part of the REPARIS program, the CFRR organized a second workshop for the Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) on 3-4 November 2009 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Slideshow on 2nd Accounting and Auditing Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) Workshop, 3-4 November 2009, Dubrovnik



The main objectives of this event were:

  1. To produce a guide to the qualification of professional accountants and the licensing of statutory auditors in Regional REPARIS countries (first deliverable for external use)
  2. To identify, prioritize and agree the detailed program of activities for 2010
  3. To gain further experience of working together as a community, and to begin the process of encouraging the group to adopt the reform agenda as its own
  4. To agree whether the title “certified accountant” should be protected, and whether financial reporting services should be regulated (an issue requested by participants)
  5. To introduce the Federation of European Accountants (FEE) to the community and to discuss the benefits and requirements of the various national professional accountancy associations joining the FEE.


In the past participant countries have often been reluctant to share information on their self-assessed weaknesses in their education, assessment and qualification regimes. At this second EduCoP session, each country produced their national component of a guide to the certification and qualification of accountants and auditors, to act as a baseline against which longer term achievements in the field of accounting education can be compared.

The workshop agreed a list of technical inputs and outputs for the community for 2010, and a program of activities. These were all designed to help countries to implement the International Education Standards for Professional Accountants by identifying opportunities for regional co-operation, collaboration and the leverage of existing efforts.

The workshop debated the relevance and significance to their own countries of the study presented by Iwona Warzecha, Senior Financial Management Specialist, World Bank, Poland on the relation between the quality of financial statements produced in Poland with the level of qualification of the accountants responsible for preparation. The debate focused on the current challenges faced by the emerging accounting profession and education programs in the Region, and helped to disseminate regional differences and similarities in the approaches adopted for certification, qualification and sometimes licensing of accountants.

Mr Hans Van Damme, the president of FEE gave a presentation on the role and work of FEE, and the benefits and requirements for joining FEE. All of the national professional bodies present at the workshop responded with tremendous interest, as was demonstrated by the number and quality of questions which they asked Mr Van Damme after his presentation. Many participants saw the FEE as a source of practical guidance and also were interested in potential twinning opportunities with FEE members.


The workshop was successful in helping to bond together the community as a group and also in agreeing a program of reforms and a work program for 2010 and beyond. Participation levels in terms of attendance and quality were high. The group is focused and has already contributed to the first Guide to the Qualification of Accountants and Auditors in the region.


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