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Workshop for Slovenian audit supervisors

29 March 2010

As part of the FRTAP program, staff from the CFRR led a workshop for the members and staff of the Expert Council of the Slovenian Agency for the Public Oversight of Auditing (APOA) in Ljubljana on 29 March 2010


The main objective of the workshop was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the APOA’s emerging approach to public oversight and quality assurance by drawing on the experience of equivalent bodies in other countries.


The workshop, which was facilitated by John Carchrae of the CFRR, took place at the Center of Excellence in Finance in Ljubljana. The main focus of the event, which was a follow up to a February 2009 workshop, was a discussion of the findings of a survey analyzing selected aspects of the systems of public oversight of statutory auditors and auditing firms in Switzerland and in six EU member states. The workshop participants were the members of the APOA’s Expert Council and its staff.

Frederic Gielen and John Carchrae from the CFRR presented the highlights of the survey, which focused on the governance of public oversight bodies, the scope of the oversight system, levels of financing and staffing and relationships between oversight bodies and other financial sector regulators. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion on what lessons could be learned from other countries in improving the operations of the APOA in Slovenia.


The workshop helped the APOA focus on its key task of creating an effective system of public oversight and quality assurance of auditing in Slovenia. The CFRR will continue to work with the APOA as it develops its activities and will follow up on additional information needs identified by the members of the Expert Council in the course of discussions during the workshop.

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