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Workshop on implementing a public oversight system for auditing in Slovenia

11 February 2009

As part of the FRTAP program, staff from the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR) led a workshop for members of the Expert Council of the Slovenian Agency for the Public Oversight of Auditing (APOA) in Ljubljana on 11 February 2009


The objective of the workshop was to provide participants with an overview of recent experience in equivalent bodies in other member states and to facilitate a discussion of key implementation issues.



The workshop, which was facilitated by John Carchrae of the CFRR, was held at the Center of Excellence in Finance in Ljubljana. The participants were the members of the APOA’s Expert Council.

The workshop started with presentations from Frederic Gielen of the CFRR, on the key features of the Statutory Audit Directive and from Miranda Groff-Ferjancic of the Slovenian Ministry of Finance on the Slovenian auditing act. This gave a useful introduction to the legal environment governing auditing in Slovenia.

This was followed by sessions dealing with more specific issues. Drawing on their personal experiences, Thomas Rufer (the vice-chairman of the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority - FAOA) and Dr Volker Röhricht (chairman of the German Auditor Oversight Commission - AOC) discussed the role of board members in a public oversight body.

Frederic Gielen then presented a comparative picture of how certain European countries had approached the task of implementing public oversight systems, the challenges that they had faced and the solutions they had adopted.

The final presentations of the workshop dealt with the role of the public oversight system in relation to implementation of external quality assurance inspections of auditors, Tim Volkmann from the AOC presenting the German experience and Sabine D’Amelio from the FAOA, discussing the Swiss experience.


The workshop helped the members of the Expert Council of the APOA (which had only been created a couple of months earlier) to focus on the key issues involved in setting up and running an effective public oversight body for auditors and audit firms.


List of participants

Name Insitution
Ms. Sergeja Slapnicar Faculty of Economics, Slovenia
Mr. Damjan Zugelj Securities Market Agency, Slovenia
Ms. Darja Trcek Ministry of the Economy, Slovenia
Ms. Anica Nemec Lek d.d., Slovenia
Mr. Borut Radinja Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia
Ms. Helena Kastelic Bank of Slovenia, Slovenia
Ms. Miranda Groff-Ferjancic Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
Name Insitution
Mr. John A. Carchrae The World Bank
Mr. Frédéric Gielen The World Bank
Mr. Thomas Rufer Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA), Switzerland
Mr. Volker Röhricht Auditor Oversight Commission, Germany
Mr. Tim Volkmann Auditor Oversight Commission, Germany
Ms. Sabine D'Amelio Federal Audit Oversightz Authority (FAOA), Switzerland
Ms. Mojca Majicˇ Agency for Public Oversight on Auditing (APOA), Slovenia

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