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CFRR Country Pages

This section presents country-specific information about financial reporting in the CFRR’s partner countries. For each country, it provides background information on the economy and the business environment (drawn from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators and Doing Business reports), as well as materials describing the evolution of its financial reporting framework.

The content of these pages will be expanded over time to include texts of key laws and regulations as well as links to the main institutions involved in financial reporting in each country. The country coverage of these pages currently focuses on those countries where the CFRR is most active (principally those involved in the REPARIS and FRTAP programs) but it will gradually be broadened to include more of the countries in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia region.

Select a country from the list to read more:

Flag of Albania Albania Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Azerbaijan AzerbaijanFlag of BelarusBelarus
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
Flag of Latvia Latvia Flag of FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Moldova Moldova Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Poland Poland Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

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