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Audit and Oversight Community of Practice

Audit and Oversight Community of Practice (AOCoP)

The objective of the Audit and Oversight Community of Practice (AOCoP) is to support REPARIS countries in addressing issues relating to audit and audit oversight, including alignment with the EU acquis communataire. The AOCoP is intended to enable its participants to understand the main issues in the EU acquis, to share their experiences in addressing them, and ultimately to develop and implement action plans at the regional as well as the national level.

This community of practice is facilitated by the CFRR. It consists of audit and oversight professionals from different countries who share the common goal of improving their country's systems of audit and oversight. By sharing information and experiences with the group, the members learn from each other, and also have an opportunity to develop themselves professionally in this specialist field.

The AOCoP members engage with each other through workshops, personal communication and their online collaboration wiki at: (only for registered members of the AOCoP).

From January 2012, the AOCoP was combined with the FRCoP to form the Corporate Financial Reporting Community of Practice (CFRCoP)

AOCoP activities:

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What is a CoP?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of active practitioners who work in the same area and seek to learn from each other's experience. CoPs have proved useful in spreading specialist knowledge and innovations in the World Bank and many other organizations.

For more background information on CoPs see these articles from Wikipedia and the World Bank Institute.

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