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Workshop on improving accounting education in Moldova, 9 February 2011, Chisinau

The Moldovan members of the EduCoP and the Faculty of Accounting of the Academy of Economic Studies organized a roundtable workshop in Chisinau on 9 February 2011 to discuss issues related to teaching accounting and, in particular, methods of teaching advanced accounting topics.

In country EduCoP event on methods for teaching accounting in Moldova, 9 February 2011, Chisinau

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In country EduCoP event on methods for teaching accounting in Moldova,  9 February 2011, ChisinauThe event was attended by 60 participants from Moldovan academic institutions teaching accounting and auditing (Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova State University, Technical University of Moldova, Free International University of Moldova, Cooperative Trade University of Moldova, State Agricultural University of Moldova), representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors (ACAP) as well as individual accounting and auditing professionals.

There were four presentations at the workshop:

During the debates that followed the presentations, participants stressed the need to apply teaching methods which were tailored to the needs of students and the important role played by professional associations. Participants committed themselves to promote the reform of professional education for accountants and auditors.


The participants agreed that university curricula for accountancy courses should be co-ordinated. ACAP invited each university to send representatives (free of charge) to the training courses that ACAP will be organizing on IFRS, while Mr. Viorel Turcanu agreed to identify the main differences between national accounting standards and IFRS, and to share this information with participants in order to improve the teaching process in the context of transition to IFRS. Ms. Lilia Grigoroi promised to organize a seminar to share her experience on how to apply advanced teaching methods in practice.

A summary of the event (in Romanian) was published in Curierul Economic, the newspaper of the Academy of Economic Studies, and is also available on ACAP's website).

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