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Czech Chamber of Auditors holds first training course on clarified audit standards

Czech Chamber of Auditors (KACR)As part of the FRTAP program managed by the CFRR and financed by the Swiss Contribution, the Czech Chamber of Auditors (KACR) is organizing a series of training courses for auditors in the Czech Republic on Clarified International Standards on Auditing (Clarified ISAs).

The first of these courses were held on 12-13 October and 18-19 October, and 9-10 November and 29-30 November. The training was designed to prepare practitioners, particularly from small and medium-sized practices (SMPs), for the first audit season when Clarified ISAs will be applied in the Czech Republic. For these reasons, KACR has chosen Clarified ISAs as being its priority theme for Continued Professional Development (CPD) for 2011 and, in order to ensure that as many Czech auditors as possible can attend the course, the course will be repeated three times in 2011 (in Ostrava on 27-28 April 2011, in Prague on 11-12 May 2011 and in Brno on 1-2 June 2011).

As part of the FRTAP, the CFRR is working with the KACR to develop additional training courses for Czech auditors to be launched in late 2011. For further details of the courses on Clarified ISAs (in Czech only) see KACR's page on the the event series.

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