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CFRR publishes new edition of its guide to corporate accounting and auditing in the acquis communautaire

1 September 2011, Vienna

The CFRR has published a new edition of its Guide to Corporate Sector Accounting and Auditing in the Acquis Communautaire.

The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant provisions of the acquis communautaire. It is primarily intended for policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders in countries with a “European vocation” (EU Member States and those negotiating accession or hoping to do so) but will also be useful for others who wish to take the EU regulatory model into account. This edition takes account of developments up to mid-2011.

The Guide outlines the European Union (EU) legislative framework governing corporate sector accounting and auditing. It begins by giving a brief overview of the EU, its institutions and legislative processes (Section I). It then focuses in Section II on the development of the Internal Market, particularly in the areas of financial market integration and company law harmonization. Section III addresses the harmonization of accounting and auditing in the EU. These topics have grown in importance as efforts to complete the Internal Market, particularly regarding company law harmonization, have increased. Finally, Section IV of this Guide looks at the most pressing accounting and auditing issues for the EU.

The new edition of the Guide can be downloaded here

Guide to accounting in the EU acquis


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