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Outreach event for the Austrian business community

14 November 2011, Vienna

The CFRR held an outreach event for the Austrian business community on 14 November 2011.

Thomas Wieser, Director General, Austrian Ministry of Finance
Thomas Wieser
Director General
Austrian Ministry of Finance

The event, which was kindly hosted by Wolf Theiss’s Vienna office, showcased the CFRR’s activities under the REPARIS program to improve the framework and operation of financial reporting in South-East Europe to about 50 participants from the Austrian business community.

Austrian businesses are particularly active in the REPARIS countries, reflecting both Austria’s geographical location and the historical links between Austria and south-east Europe. Austrian banks and insurance companies play a key role in local financial systems, while Austrian industrial and commercial firms are important trading partners and direct investor for all the countries of the region.

Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer, Managing Director, Austrian Development Agency
Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer
Managing Director
Austrian Development Agency

After introductory comments from Wolf Theiss, Thomas Wieser, the Director General of the Austrian Ministry of Finance and Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer, the Managing Director of the Austrian Development Agency, Henri Fortin, the head of the CFRR, gave a short presentation describing how REPARIS was helping the participating countries to bring their systems of financial reporting into line with the requirements of the EU acquis. Mr Fortin emphasized how REPARIS helped the participating countries learn from each other’s experiences and how REPARIS had already contributed to improvements “on the ground” in the effectiveness of corporate financial reporting in the region.

Henri Fortin, CFRR
Henri Fortin
Head, CFRR

This presentation was followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Miklos Revay, a partner in PwC Austria, which brought together distinguished representatives of two Austrian financial firms active in the region (Wolfgang Putschek a board member of Raiffeisen Investment AG and Udo Birkner, the Group Managing Director of VB Leasing International), a policy-maker from the region (Nezir Haldeda, Deputy Minister in the Albanian Ministry of Finance) as well as Hongjoo Hahm, the World Bank's Country Manager for Croatia and Slovenia and Henri Fortin from the CFRR. Panelists stressed how important reliable financial information was to business decisions, especially in the present uncertain economic environment.


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