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Annual conference of Polish Chamber of Auditors (KIBR)

26 October 2011, Jachranka

As part of the Polish FRTAP program financed by the Swiss Contribution, staff from the CFRR participated in the annual conference of the Polish Chamber of Auditors (KIBR) in Jachranka on 26 October 2011.

Henri Fortin, the head of the CFRR, addressed a plenary session of the conference on the main elements of the Polish FRTAP program. Mr Fortin focused on activities to improve the audit process in Poland and emphasized the close working links between the CFRR and KIBR. He noted that the two bodies were already working together to offer training on International Standards in Auditing (ISA) to practicing auditors and to strengthen the operation of quality assurance systems in auditing. These programs will continue and further activities will be added as the FRTAP, which is due to run until 2015, progresses.

Barbro Bruu, John Carchrae, Katrine Eriksen
Barbro Bruu, The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants
John Carchrae, CFRR
Katrine Eriksen, Bouvet ASA

John Carchrae from the CFRR introduced a plenary session on the use of computer software systems useful tools to assist auditors to carry out audits in line with ISA. After Mr Carchrae’s introduction, the Norwegian Institute of Auditors and Bouvet ASA presented their Descartes audit software system, which is widely used by SMPs carrying out audits in Norway. Following the plenary session, the Norwegians provided demonstrations to small groups of delegates interested in understanding the capabilities of the software in more depth. In light of the level of interest by practitioners, the CFRR will continue to explore with Polish counterparts and with the Norwegian Institute how a Polish version of the Descartes software might be developed.

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