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The general objective of the 2006 Prague Forum is to engage representatives from ECA countries in discussions on revitalizing national capacities to engage in innovation and technology absorption to stimulate economic growth.

The specific objectives of KEF V are to:

KEFV - orange arrow Discuss how governments in ECA countries can devise and implement policies to improve their countries’ innovation systems and define policies to support better use of knowledge by firms; 
KEFV - orange arrow Stimulate a dialogue and exchange of experiences on these issues among ECA country representatives.  Exchanges between the new EU member states and other ECA countries will be particularly encouraged (e.g., through the presentation of case studies on successful reform efforts by representatives of the new EU member states, including host Czech Republic);
KEFV - orange arrow Stimulate a dialogue within and among the various government ministries, research institutions and business constituencies on issues related to the role of knowledge, competition policy, private sector role in innovation and productivity growth; and
KEFV - orange arrow 
Strengthen the dialogue between representatives of ECA countries and the multilateral agencies that are participating in the event – including the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the European Union – and facilitate coordination among the agencies on all initiatives aimed at improving innovation driven growth in the region.



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March 27, Monday
March 28, Tuesday
March 29, Wednesday
March 30, Thursday

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