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Enrique Blanco Armas

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 Enrique Blanco Armas      
Young Professional, Private and Financial Sector Development Unit, Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region, the World Bank

Office Address:
600 19 Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20433, USA

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 About Enrique Blanco Armas 

Enrique Blanco Armas recently joined the World Bank as a Young Professional and has been working with the Private and Financial Sector Unit in the ECA region. Prior to joining the World Bank, Enrique worked in Mozambique for three years, first as on ODI Fellow in the Ministry of Trade and Industry as an advisor for trade negotiations, and the last year as an Economic Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Planning and Development, in the revision of Mozambique’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. Enrique has been working on private sector development and its links to economic growth for several years now, both in academia (Institute of Development Studies and Overseas Development Institute) as well as in the public sector. He also worked as an economist on intellectual property rights issues in the international trade association for the recording industry in London, UK.

Enrique did his Masters in Development Economics at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. During his MA he continued working on intellectual property rights and how they affect international economic flows, particularly foreign direct investment.

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