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The VI Forum was structured into the following sessions:
Plenary Sessions.
Speakers for these sessions were high profile international experts who will set the stage by providing clear and engaging views on the upcoming challenges for the ECA region on the role of knowledge networks and technology acquisition to improve private sector productivity and growth.

Parallel Panel Sessions.
To stimulate analysis of each topic from different perspectives and to enrich discussions, we proposed panels of experts that present and discuss each proposed topic.  Panels were composed of international experts (speakers from an international organization, a university or a think tank), government representatives (individuals who have been involved first-hand in a reform process related to the subject of discussion) and representatives of the private sector (who can discuss the specific implications of reforms, or of the lack of reforms in a particular area, for private firms). Each Panel featured a presentation addressing policy and strategy issues and at least one case study.

Discussion and Networking Sessions.
Participants had many opportunities throughout the conference to react to presentations and case studies, as well as to share their own thoughts and experiences on the key themes discussed. This was made possible in both formal settings (break-out and discussion groups) and informal settings (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, etc.).


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