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Contact Us

Tajikistan Country Office

48, Ayni Str. Business Center "Sozidanie", 3d floor
734024, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Tel: (992 48) 701 58 00
Fax: (992 48) 701 58 37

Country Manager             Ms. Marsha M. Olive


Public Information Assistant
Faridun Sanginov

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What kind of information is available on this website?
This website provides wide access to World Bank publications, project documents, and other development-related materials, in accordance with the World Bank's disclosure policy.
How can I read World Bank publications?
Many of the World Bank's publications can be downloaded free of charge through this website. Use Advanced Searchto find publications by title, date or topic. You can also purchase books at the World Bank's on-line bookstore.
How can I subscribe to email updates on loans, studies and initiatives?
The Bank produces regional and country updates which highlight recently approved projects, publications, and other major initiatives. Subscribeto free e-mail updates on World Bank projects and research in Tajikistan. Subscribeto our monthly newsletter for Europe and Central Asia. (View newsletter archivehere.) Subscribeto other World Bank e-mail newsletters.
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Business and Job Opportunities

How can my business obtain procurement contracts?
Consult procurement opportunities. Procurement contract awards are listed in the Contract Awards Database. The following websites contain information including invitations to bid or express interest for contracts under World Bank-financed projects:
Development Gateway (dgMarket)- Tenders and consulting opportunities worldwide.
United Nations Development Business- Consulting, contracting, and export opportunities worldwide.
How can my business obtain financing?
The International Finance Corporation(IFC, part of the World Bank Group) offers a wide variety of financial products to private sector projects in developing countries.
Where can I find information on a country's investment climate?
IPAnet- Information and analysis on investment and business opportunities.
FDI Xchange- Country analysis and investment opportunities in emerging markets.
Rapid Response Unit- Business environment and privatization issues in developing countries.
How can I receive a grant from the World Bank?
There are various grant and funding opportunities offered by the World Bank. Listed below are some examples:
InfoDev- Funding for the dissemination and improvement of information and communications technology.
Social Funds- Funding for small community projects ranging from infrastructure and social services to training and microenterprise development.
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund- Funding for a comprehensive approach to conservation challenges.
For a more complete listing, World Bank Funds for Civil Society Organizations.
How can I work for the World Bank?
Job-seekers should submit applications for advertised vacancies. Consult
How can I get a scholarship?
World Bank Scholarship and Fellowship website
Other Resources:
IMF Institute Scholarship Program
Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship Program
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How can I share my views on development?
Join on-line discussions at
How can I report corruption?
The World Bank wants to make sure the projects it finances are free from misconduct or fraud. If you have evidence of corruption, please submit a complaint through the World Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity.
What can I do if I feel my interests could be harmed by a project financed by the World Bank?
Private citizens can contact an independent body known as the Inspection Panel.
I can't find what I'm looking for on this website.
Send us a query. We'll try our best to respond within 7 days. Fill out a feedback form.
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