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Most of the World Bank's research is available free of charge through this website. Use the Advanced Search engine to find specific World Bank reports. Publications can also be purchased on-line or consulted in person at the Bank's many Public Information Centers. Below are a few recent highlights.

Tajikistan Poverty Brief

Check the World Bank's latest poverty figures and analysis on Tajikistan in our information brief dated September 2010.


New & Noteworthy
  • Mapping Vulnerability to Climate Change in Tajikistan (2010) The paper develops a methodology for regional disaggregated estimation and mapping of the areas that are ex-ante the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and variability and applies it to Tajikistan... Learn more 

  • Key Priorities for Climate Change Adaptation in Tajikistan (2010) The paper argues that for developing countries like Tajikistan, faster economic and social development is the best possible defense against climate change. It presents some key findings from a recent nationally representative household survey to illustrate the strong public support for more climate change related spending ... Learn more

  • Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (Joint Mission Report, Oct. 2009)
    This report summarises the findings of the first Joint Programming Mission to Tajikistan under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience.
    Available in English and Russian 

  • Report on Observance of Standards and Codes in Tajikistan (2010) The report focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the elements of the financial reporting, accounting and auditing environment that influence the quality of corporate financial reporting, and includes a review of both statutory requirements and actual practices... Learn more 

  • Running a Business in Tajikistan (2009)
    New data from Enterprise Surveys indicate that corruption is a major constraint for private businesses in Tajikistan. Tajik firms face the highest frequency of informal gift requests by government officials in the entire Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region... Learn more

  • Improving Women’s Access to Land and Financial Resources in Tajikistan (2009) The report reflects the first comprehensive quantitative analysis ever conducted in Tajikistan that puts together data on the access of women to land and financial resources. The main data source of the study was the nationally representative Tajikistan Living Standard Survey 2007. Also available in Russian.
    In addition, see the presentation in English/Russian 

  • Tajikistan Country Environmental Analysis (2008) The report analysis showed that costs of environmental damages are significant in Tajikistan accounting for about 9.5 % of its GDP in 2006. The highest damage is from land
    degradation... Learn more 
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