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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Tajikistan join the World Bank?

Tajikistan joined the World Bank in 1993.

How are countries represented at the World Bank?


The World Bank is managed by representatives from each of its member countries. The two governing bodies that make all major policy decisions are the Board of Governors and the Board of Executive Directors.

The World Bank currently has 24 Executive Directors based in Washington, D.C.  The Articles of Agreement provides that five of these directors represent the member countries having the largest number of shares. These countries are: France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The other 19 Executive Directors represent the remaining countries. Each Executive Director is elected by a country or group of countries every two years.


How is Tajikistan represented at the World Bank?


Tajikistan, together with the 7 other countries, is represented by Mr. Pietro Veglio. The Alternate Executive Director is Mr. Jakub Karnowski.

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How many shares has Tajikistan subscribed to?


Tajikistan has subscribed to US$ 106.0 million shares, which is .07 percent of the total amount subscribed. 


How many votes does Tajikistan have?


Tajikistan has 1,310 votes, which is .08 percent of the total number of votes.

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How can I learn about decisions being made at the World Bank?

The Board Calendar contains the work program for the Board of Executive Directors.


Where can I get concise information about  World Bank-financed projects in Tajikistan?


Please download the World Bank Activities Report for Tajikistan to know more about our operations in the country.


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