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Nov 23, 2011Climate Change Portal Helps Visualize World Climate, Expand Access to Data
Jun 06, 2011In Tokyo, Donors Reaffirm Commitment to MDGs
Dec 02, 2010Fact Sheet: World Bank Support for Energy and Water in Central Asia
Nov 11, 2010Grants Help Three Countries Battle Climate Change
Apr 06, 2010World Bank Offices in Central Asia Hosted Fifth Regional Youth Open House
Dec 23, 2009Tajikistan: Achieving the Right to Basic Education for All
Sep 08, 2009Families Becoming Farmers in Tajikistan
Dec 09, 2008Consultations on the Bank Web Site
Apr 03, 2008Youth Open House in the World Bank's Dushanbe Office
Apr 02, 2008World Bank President Calls for Plan to Fight Hunger in Pre-Spring Meetings Address
Sep 27, 2006Parliamentarians Highlight Problem of AIDS in Central Asia
Jul 10, 2006Energy Security: World Bank Works to Address Pressing Needs in Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Former Soviet Union
Mar 14, 2006President Wolfowitz Makes Strong Case for World Bank 's Role in Middle Income Countries
Feb 28, 2006New Turkish Airline Flight to Tajikistan Opens the Country to Further Development
Jan 31, 2006Warning on Trade in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Jan 13, 2006World Bank Urges Countries in Europe and Central Asia to Get Ready for Avian Flu
Dec 20, 2005Tajikistan Poverty Map
Dec 15, 2005Transition Economies and the WTO
Nov 15, 2005Firms Report Improved Business Climate. Challenges Remain.
Oct 13, 2005Dramatic Drop in Poverty Comes With a Warning
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