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Our Team

The Chief Economist's Office provides guidance on strategic priorities and technical quality of economic analysis in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Region.

This mission is accomplished through:

blue arrowAdvising on country and sectoral strategies
blue arrowQuality enhancement of economic justification and analysis in adjustment and investment lending
blue arrowEnsuring relevance, coherence and quality of non-lending services
blue arrowDeveloping and disseminating Regional Economic Studies
blue arrowServing as principal Regional spokesperson inside and outside the Bank on strategic and economic issues facing the region

Core Team



Augusto de la Torre, Regional Chief Economist



Laura Chioda, Senior Economist


Tito Cordella, Deputy Chief Economist



Tatiana Didier, Research Economist        


Julián Messina, Senior Economist



Samuel Pienknagura, Research Economist



Jamele Rigolini, Senior Economist






Visiting Researcher



Megumi Kubota, ET Consultant








Administrative Assistants



Ruth Delgado, Senior Program Assistant



Jackie Larrabure, Program Assistant


Research Assistants



Danilo Delgado, ET Consultant



Magali Pinat, ET Consultant


Camila Galindo, Consultant



Juan Manuel Puyana, Consultant


Karen Ortiz Becerra, ET Consultant



Cynthia Van Der Werf, ET Consultant


Tanya Taveras, Consultant



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