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Trade and Regional Integration

blue arrow   Specialization and Adjustment during the Growth of China and India: The Latin American Experience  Daniel Lederman, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Eliana Rubiano.  Policy Research Working Paper 4318 (2007)

blue arrow    The Growth of China and India in World Trade: Opportunity or Threat for Latin America and the Caribbean  Daniel Lederman, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Isidro Soloaga.  Policy Research Working Paper 4320 (2007)

blue arrow   Geopolitical Interests and Access to U.S. Markets - Daniel Lederman and C. Ozden, Economics and Politics, vol. 19, No. 2 (2007).

blue arrow LAC Response to the Growth of China and India - Daniel Lederman, Marcelo Olarreaga and Guillermo Perry - August 2006

blue arrow   Export Promotion Agencies: What Works and What Doesn't  Daniel Lederman, Marcelo Olarreaga, and L. Payton.  Policy Research Working Paper 4044 (2006)

blue arrow  Innovation and Export Portfolios  Daniel Lederman, Bailey Klinger, Policy Research Working Paper 3983 (2006)

blue arrow Diversification, Innovation, and Imitation inside the Global Technological Frontier 
Daniel Lederman and Bailey Klinger, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3872, April 2006.

blue arrow DR-CAFTA: Challenges and Opportunities for Central America Carlos Felipe Jaramillo and Daniel Lederman - June 2005

blue arrow Mexican Corn: The Effects of NAFTA
Daniel Lederman and Norbert Fiess, Trade Note No. 18, September 2004 PDF

blue arrow Trade Policy Options for Argentina in the Short and Long Runs
Daniel Lederman and Pablo Sanguinetti, 2003

blue arrow R&D and Development
Daniel Lederman and William Maloney
Policy Research Working Paper 3024, 2003 PDF

blue arrow Trade Structure and Growth
Daniel Lederman and William Maloney
Policy Research Working Paper 3025, 2003 PDF

blue arrow From Natural Resources to the Knowledge Economy
David de Ferranti
Guillermo E. Perry

Daniel Lederman
William F. Maloney

blue arrow Trade: Towards Open Regionalism
Edited by Shahid Javed Burki,

Guillermo E. Perry and Sara Calvo


blue arrow Comercio internacional: politicas, estructuras e implicaciones macro December 5, 2002, Costa Rica s

blue arrow Mexico: el TLCAN no es suficiente, December 5, 2002, Costa Rica s

blue arrow Trade Structure, Trade Policy and Economic Policy Options in Central America
Guillermo Perry, Daniel Lederman and Rodrigo Suescun
Forthcoming. Washington D.C. November, 2002

blue arrow Centroamérica: comercio internacional, políticas, estructura e implicaciones macro July 25, 2002, Guatemala s

blue arrow Comercio, productividad y desarrollo en LAC July 18-19, 2002, Bolivia s

blue arrow Trade for Development in Latin America March 6-8, 2002, Chile

blue arrow The Political Economy of Protection. Theory and the Chilean Experience
Paper available (262 pages long), forthcoming book, 2003

blue arrow The Political Economy of Unilateral Trade Liberalization: The Case of Chile
Daniel Lederman Sebastian Edwards
in Going Alone: The Case for Relaxed Reciprocity in Freeing Trade ed. J. Bhagwati. The MIT Press 2002

blue arrow Mercosur: Trade Agreement, Exchange Rate Disagreement? December 14, 2001, Regional Integration Network, Punta Del Este.

blue arrow Firm Entry and Exit, Labor Demand, and Trade Reform. Evidence from Chile and Colombia
William Maloney, Pablo Fajnzylber, and E. Riveiro
Policy Research Working Paper 2659, 2001

blue arrow Comparative Advantage and Trade Intensity: Are Traditional Endowments Destiny?
Daniel Lederman and C. Xu,
Paper available, 2001

blue arrow A Note on the Impact of Economic Reforms on the Performance of the Agriculture Sector in Latin America
Daniel Lederman and Rodrigo Soares
Paper available, 2001

blue arrow Latin America's pattern of integration in the global economy and its development implications

blue arrow Trade Structure and Growth, by D. Ledermand and W. Maloney

Background papers for "Lessons from NAFTA for Latin America & the Caribbean"

blue arrow Assessing the Effect of NAFTA's Rules of Origin, by O. Cadot, J. de Melo, A.Estevadeordal, A. Suwa-Eisenmann, and B. Tumurchudur
blue arrow Changes in the Patterns of External Financing in Mexico Since the Approval of NAFTA, by A. Cuevas, M. Messmacher, and A. Werner
blue arrow Economic Integration's Effects on Air Emissions in Mexico's Refining and Electricity Generation Sectors, by J. Gilbreath
blue arrow The Effects of CUSFTA and NAFTA on Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Activity, by B. Blonigen
blue arrow Emigration and Educational Attainment in Mexico, by G. Hanson
blue arrow European Integration: A Review of the Literature and Lessons from NAFTA, by N. Fiess and M. Fugazza
blue arrow The Impact of NAFTA on Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Mexico and the Excluded Countries, by A. Monge-Naranjo
blue arrow Innovation in Mexico: NAFTA Is Not Enough, by D. Lederman and W.Maloney
blue arrow Improving the Access of Mercosur's Agriculture Exports to US: Lessons from NAFTA, by P. Sanguinetti, and E. Bianchi
blue arrow Is NAFTA Polarizing Mexico? or Existe Tambien el Sur? Spatial Dimensions of Mexico's Post-Liberalization Growth, by P. Aroca, M. Bosch and W. Maloney. 461KB PDF
blue arrow Lessons from NAFTA: The Case of Mexico's Agricultural Sector, by A. Yunez-Naude
blue arrow Liberalization, Knowledge, and Technology: Lessons from Veterinary Pharmaceutics and Poultry in Mexico, by D. Meyer
blue arrow Macroeconomic Synchronization between Mexico and its NAFTA Partners, by A. Cuevas, M. Messmacher and A. Werner
blue arrow Migration, Trade and FDI in Mexico, by P. Aroca and W. F. Maloney
blue arrow Nafta and Convergence in North America: High Expectations, Big Events, Little Time, by W. Easterly, N. Fiess, and D. Lederman, Economia, 4, No.1, 2003 (203K PDF)
blue arrow Did NAFTA Increase Labor Market Integration between the United States and Mexico?, by R. Robertson
blue arrow NAFTA and Mexico's Reforms on Investor Protection, by F. Lopez de Silanes
blue arrow Regional Integration and Technology Diffusion: The Case of NAFTA, by M. Schiff and Y. Wang
blue arrow Scale, Technological Change and Human Capital: Manufacturing and Development in Mexico, by D. Meyer and A. Foster
blue arrow Sources of Regional (non) Convergence in Mexico, by G. Esquivel and M. Messmacher
blue arrow Trade Integration and Rural Economies in Less Developed Countries: Lessons from Micro Economy-wide Models with Particular Attention to Mexico and Central America, by J. E. Taylor
blue arrow Why NAFTA Did Not Reach the South, by G. Esquivel, D. Lederman, M. Messmacher and R. Villoro
blue arrowNAFTA's Impact on third countries: Recent evidence with a gravity model approach, by Claudio Montenegro and Isidro Soloaga

Deepening NAFTA -- A perspective for the future agenda of Mexico and the U.S.
Drafts for discussion. Please do not quote.

arrow Executive Summary: Deepening NAFTA (82 KB)
arrow Chapter 1: NAFTA and Convergence in North America: High Expectations, Big Events, Little Time (1228 KB)
arrow Chapter 2: Macroeconomic Dynamics after NAFTA: Syncronization, Volatility, and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination (155 KB)
arrow Chapter 3: NAFTA's Remaining Trade Barriers (1235 KB)
arrow Chapter 4: Factor Markets (387 KB)
arrow Chapter 5: Innovation in Mexico: NAFTA Is Not Enough (523 KB)

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