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The Latin America and Caribbean has the highest life expectancy at birth among developing regions. Between 1990 and 2007 (latest data available), the under-five mortality rate was more than halved from 55 to 24 per 1,000 individuals. Although significant progress has been made in the health sector in the region, challenges do persist. These challenges are heightened as the region faces two contrasting realities, high inequality on the one hand and sophisticated clients on a path of economic growth on the other. Topic brief
HIV/AIDS Nutrition
LCSHH mapping project

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South- South Learning and Exchange Event: Protecting and Promoting the Nutrition of Mothers and Children
Regional Workshop
Panama City, Panama
December 5-6, 2012

The World Bank is organizing a South-South Learning and Exchange Event where high level policy makers and experts from the region will be able to share experience, network and build consensus on successful approaches to protecting mothers and young children from shocks. (read more).

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We invite you to participate virtually through:

1. Listening to the presentations (only in Spanish) via Elluminate at Adolescente

2. Live tweet using Twitter and the hashtags for English: #SexHealth and #Right2Health; for Spanish: #SaludSexual and #DerechoASalud

Sexual and Reproductive Health Among Youth and Adolescents in Latin America: Incorporating the Human Rights Perspective in Public Health Investments On August 22 and 23 The World Bank, The Ministry of Health of El Salvador and the Pan American Health Organization will be having an International Workshop on Sexual and Reproductive health Among Youth and Adolescent in Latin America: Incorporating the Human Rights Perspective in Public Health Investments in El Salvador.

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International ADIS Conference DC 2012

Come and join us to our session on July 24th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm - Room 9 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

A Decade of Support in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Efforts in Improving Sustainability at the XIX International AIDS Conference (July 22-27), Washington, DC. The Latin American Region of the World Bank will be having a session in which will share its experience supporting National HIV/AIDS Response and the main findings from an assessment of two decades of work by the World Bank and its country partners on AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil's experience in sustaining its reach to at-risk populations, and a Jamaica study looking closely at financial sustainability.

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Cover of the book Non communicable diseases in Jamaica

Non-Communicable Diseases in Jamaica: Moving from Prescription to Prevention. The main objective of this study is to learn from Jamaica's experience in tackling major NCDs and related risk factors, to provide policy options for Jamaica to improve its NCD programs and to share with other countries the lessons learned from its experience.

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Cover of the report: The growing burden of non communicable diseases in the eastern caribbean

The Growing Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases in the Eastern Caribbean. This report aims to provide policy makers with an overview of the NCDs and key risk factors in the region and make inter-country comparisons; assess the economic impact of key NCDs and risk factors where data are available; outline policy options and cost effective interventions for controlling major NCDs that are common to the OECS countries; and provide input for developing a regional health strategy.

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Lessons from the World Bank's operational and analytical program in the health sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Hospital Performance and Health Quality Improvements in Brazil & USA

ARGENTINA: Provincial Maternal and Child Health Insurance.

Extension of Health Services Coverage in El Salvador

HIV/AIDS in Latin America: Effective Partnerships Achieve Results

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