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Sharing Best Practices

The World Bank's Latin America and Caribbean region produces a publication series, "en breve", which shares knowledge on best practices implemented in regional projects.  "en breve" is a regular series of notes highlighting recent lessons emerging from the operational and analytical program of the World Bank's Latin America and Caribbean Region.  The series comes out bi-weekly in English, Spanish and occasionally Portuguese.  Below are "en breve" notes which highlight HIV/AIDS programs and activities:

November 2009, No. 148, "Effective Partnerships Achieve Results. Client-focused ASAP Program Emphasizes Strategic Planning, Delivers Impressive Results across the Region." Rosalía Rodriguez-García, Marcelo Bortman, Andrea Boccardi Vidarte, and Eric Gaillard

January 2005, special edition, "Action Through Partnerships: The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP)." Mary Mulusa and Carmen Carpio.

July 2004, No. 49, "Dominican Republic HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Project - Initial Results." Patricio V. Marquez and Luis Emilio Montavlo.

April 2004, No.45 - "Taking Decisive Action: The Barbados HIV/AIDS Prevention Project."
Patricio Marquez.

June 2002, No. 4. - "Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean." Patricio Marquez.


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