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Fifth Conference of the Latin America and the Caribbean Monitoring and Evaluation Network

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the blogIn June 2005, the World Bank jointly with the IDB launched the M&E Network, and has played a leading role in the advancement of the LAC M&E Network to promote regional dialogue among M&E stakeholders, including academics, government officials and practitioners. The Network serves as a well-established forum to share experiences, build capacity and stimulate collaboration, culminating in an annual Conference, which has become a premier event among M&E professionals in the region. The M&E Regional Network is regarded by donors, international organizations, and government officials as an effective source for increasing knowledge and capacity on M&E to achieve the goal of good governance and poverty reduction.

This year's Conference, titled "Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation: An Opportunity for the Consolidation of M&E Systems" will discuss the institutionalization of M&E and the uses of the information generated by M&E systems in LAC and other countries in the world. The Conference will bring together government representatives, experts in the field of M&E from international organizations, civil society and members of academia from LAC and other regions in the world. There will be a special session on the 15th year anniversary of the National System for Performance Management and Evaluation (Sinergia) of Colombia.

The Network is now slowly branching out to extend its reach beyond its annual Conference to provide support to the development and consolidation of M&E systems through capacity building and the dissemination of knowledge gained in the Regional Network and the development of national M&E chapters.


Sponsoring Institutions

The World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank, in close collaboration with the Colombian National Department of Planning and the Spanish Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean have planned the Conference, which will take place in Bogota, Colombia on November 5th and 6th, 2009.

A special recognition to IEG (Independent Evaluation Group from the World Bank) fro their valuable contribution and his financial support in this Conference.


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