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Poverty and inequality remain a harsh and present reality for the majority of Bolivians. The centerpiece of domestic policy for the current Bolivian administration is the National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP specifically seeks to address issues of poverty alleviation and the ethnic divide that have strained Bolivia’s progress. In this context, the President of the Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia has commissioned his cabinet with designing programs that will bring down extreme poverty over the short and long term. The Ministry of Development Planning is leading this effort and specifically has requested support from the World Bank through the South-South Experience Exchange Trust Fund to access international experience on programs to reduce extreme poverty.

The objective of this grant from the South-South Experience Exchange Trust Fund is to provide Bolivian officials access to international experience on successful programs to reduce poverty. The grant will finance activities to facilitate knowledge exchange on the design and implementation of poverty reduction programs. In particular, this grant seeks to assist the Bolivian government in its efforts to alleviate extreme poverty in the country by sharing innovative and successful experiences from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam.

This grant will support knowledge and information sharing activities, specifically through virtual dialogues, exchange visits of government officials, and expert consultancy on poverty reduction programs. The knowledge exchange proposed under this grant will concentrate on identifying the successes and implementation challenges of selected developing country programs to reduce extreme poverty. Selected topics of exchange are: Indigenous Peoples and Social Programs in Mexico; Monitoring and evaluation of Social Programs in Brazil; implementation of community driven development programs in Indonesia and multi-sector planning of poverty programs in Vietnam.


Community Driven Development in Indonesia
On May 6 a knowledge sharing video-conference took place with the participation of Indonesia experts on the Community Empowerment Program in Indonesia and the Bolivian government. 
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Social Policy and Indigenous Population
On December 8th a knowledge sharing video-conference took place with the participation of Mexico and Bolivia. The topic was the Mexico's experience on social policy and indigenous population. More information... 

Exchange of knowledge with Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil
In the next months there will be a series of conferences between Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and Bolivia. The main purpose is to share experience and knowlegde on social policy and poverty reduction base on South to South Experiences.

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