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LAC Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)


M&E Program

Monitoring and evaluation is key to reach the millennium development goals and in reducing poverty. Without adequate and accurate information on relevant benchmarks, targeting resources, improving services and social programs and identifying inefficiencies and ineffective expenditures is not possible.

It allows us to determine a baseline, where we are and provides a goal where we want to go, as well as allowing mid-course corrections, whether in the re-design of programs or, more importantly, in the change of practices. The practice of monitoring and evaluating has made great progress in the past decade. Evaluation nowadays not only takes place in the Bank’s work but also around the world in governments assessing how in the longer term organizations are performing and government expenditures impact the population.


Latin American Monitoring and Evaluation
(M&E) Network Portal
This new Portal is a tool that allows the M&E Network members to exchange experiences, share knowledge and good practices among the region. + M&E Network... 


Fifth Conference of the Latin America and the Caribbean Monitoring and Evaluation Network
(November 5th and 6th, Bogota, Colombia)
This annual conference, title "Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation: An Opportunity for the Consolidation of M&E Systems" is a premier event among M&E professionals and practitioners in the region. + more...  


Performance Measurement Tools 
A series of “Expert Roundtables on Innovative Performance Measurement Tools” was organized at the World Bank between September 2008 and February 2009 to discuss in depth a selection of the evaluations a) executive evaluations b) process evaluation and c) indicators evaluation.+ more... 




M&E Network
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