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Poverty Measurement. Peru: Ongoing Work



Following the successful resolution of the 2005 data problems, it was decided to continue the AC’s work towards updating the methodology of measuring poverty.

The existing poverty methodology used by INEI to produce national poverty figures (including the one used for 2008 and 2009) uses a number of assumptions that have been outdated. Specifically, the existing poverty methodology uses outdated such as: (i) the food basket was constructed with information from 1993; (ii) engel curve calculations which are used to construct the general poverty line use information from 1997; (iii) the caloric intake requirement used are based on FAO data from 1985; (iv) the spatial price deflators were created in 2001; (v) the population structures used for expansion factors is from the 1993 census; and (vi) the value of a number of public services in education, health and other durable consumption is not included in the calculation of expenditures.

As part of the discussions within the Advisory Committee (AC) model on how to best update this information and create a new base year for poverty calculations, a workplan was defined and work is underway. It is expected that this work will be completed in late 2010.

To download the ENAHO data, review methodological information on poverty measures and review program files of completed work, visit INEI's web site by clicking here.

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