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V M&E Conference - Proceedings


BBL - Sharing Lessons from M&E Practitioners

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation: An Opportunity to Institutionalize M&E Systems" is a compilation of presentations on the challenges and lessons learned from M&E practitioners from around the world. It comprises best practices and knowledge from Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America that were showcased during the Fifth Annual Conference of the LAC M&E Network, which brought together more than 350 practitioners from over 30 countries.

The purpose of this BBL was to discuss challenges of monitoring and evaluation, as well as to present lessons learned from practitioners (which are outlined in the book).


Opening Remarks:

The LAC M&E Network

Louise Cord, Sector Manager, Poverty and Gender, Latin America Region (Chair)


Book Launch and Presentation: Main Findings of "Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation: An Opportunity to Institutionalize M&E Systems"

Gladys Lopez Acevedo, Senior Economist, Poverty Reduction and Equity


Questions and Answers Period

Manuel Fernando Castro, Senior Evaluation Officer, IEG
Pablo Ibarraran, Lead Evaluation Economist, IADB


M&E: Helping Us to Know What Works for Poverty Reduction

Jaime Saavedra, Manager, Poverty Reduction and Equity, PREM Network


VIDEO of the BBL: "Sharing Lessons from M&E Practitioners" 
June 9, 2010


VIDEO: "The importance of M&E Systems" 
A recopilation of opinions from diverse M&E practitioners


Contents of the PowerPoint Presentation prepared for the Book launch,
Gladys Acevedo, June 2010


Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluating: An Opportunity to Institutionalize M&E Systems, V Regional M&E Conference 
(Book's Contents in PDF)

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