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Sector Manager

Arturo Herrera is the Manager (Public Sector) in the World Bank for the Latin American and Caribbean region. Previously he was the Secretary of Finance for Mexico City. He has a PhD in Economics from NYU.


Public Sector Team

Pedro Arizti is a Senior Public Sector Specialist in the Public Sector and Governance unit for the Latin American and Caribbean region at the World Bank. His area of focus is budget management and the introduction of performance-based systems in the public administration. He has an extensive track record of improving financial management in private and public organizations.
Roland Clarke is a Lead Public Sector Specialist from the World Bank, currently working on public sector reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. Before joining the World Bank he was an advisor to the Latvian Ministry of Finance, and also an official of the UK Treasury. He was also a lecturer and researcher at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico and the University of Bradford in England.
Jose Eduardo Gutierrez Ossio is a Public Sector Specialist of the Bank’s Latin American and Caribbean region. He has been working on Public Financial Management reforms in Central America, and management reforms including civil service. In addition, he has substantial experience of providing successful technical assistance for tax and customs reforms.
Alberto Leyton is a Senior Public Sector Specialist leading LCSPS activities in Central American Countries. He has an extensive experience as a government official including as a Minister of the Presidency (2001) and the head of the Public Sector Institutional Reform program in Bolivia.
Carmen Machicado is an Operations Officer with more than 15 years experience in Public Sector Operations both at headquarters and in the field. Her area of expertise is public financial management, project management and operational design of projects focusing on performance budgeting.
Fernando Rojas is Lead Public Sector Specialist in the World Bank for the Latin American and Caribbean region. Previously he was Visiting Professor in the David Rockefeller Center at Harvard University and Government Consultant in Latin America and Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Fernando is well known across the region for his work in implementing performance-informed budgeting, and for his assistance to governments seeking to restructure intergovernmental fiscal transfer mechanisms.
Mariano Lafuente is a Public Sector Management Specialist at the Public Sector Management Unit for Latin American and the Caribbean Region at the World Bank. He has worked on civil service reform, public sector financial management, and other public sector management projects at the national and sub-national level in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay among other countries.

                          Evelyn Levy is Senior Public Sector Specialist at the Brazilian Office. At present she is engaged in state government projects, especially in Civil Service reforms and Results Based Management initiatives. She is also involved in different projects meant to support research and knowledge dissemination on Public Sector issues.

Edgardo Mosqueira is Senior Public Sector Specialist, where he focuses in public management, decentralization and public service delivery reforms in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. His experience in public sector management includes his service as Minister and public official in Peru where he led the design and implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the implementation of key social and investment programs, and the coordination between central and sub-national governments. He has vast expertise in property rights and land reforms and is member of the Property Rights Working Group of the UNDP "Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor".
Kathrin Plangemann is a Lead Public Sector Governance Specialist, focusing on a number of governance issues, including organizational reforms, subnational management and governance and anti-corruption. She currently manages several projects and studies on public sector management in Argentina. Before joining the Bank nine years ago, she worked in a global management consulting firm, as well as governments and international organizations in Latin America, East Asia, Africa, and Europe.
María Guadalupe Toscano is Public Sector Specialist for Mexico in the World Bank. In this capacity she has covered all areas of the public sector management agenda for the Country, and has particularly contributed to the performance budgeting and management reforms at the federal and state level, the restructuring and strengthening of some public sector areas, management performance for Congress, and Justice reforms.
Steve Webb is a Lead Economist and Advisor at the World Bank. His work focuses on political economy, government spending and finance, fiscal decentralization, and the design of fiscal institutions. On these issues he has published several books and numerous articles, and he has led the team for a number of World Bank reports and lending projects. In 20 years with the Bank, he has worked in the research department, in the Latin American and the Caribbean region, and in the Independent Evaluation Group, where he recently completed a thematic evaluation of the Bank’s support for public sector reform. 
Ana Bellver is a World Bank Senior Public Sector Specialist for the Latin American and the Caribbean Region. She has experience in implementing Public Sector Modernization Projects in Central America, the Caribbean and some African countries. Previously, she worked as economic advisor to the Department of Public Enterprises of South Africa providing technical assistance to the 2001-2004 Public Sector Restructuring program.
Roby Senderowitsch is the World Bank Country Manager in the Dominican Republic. Roby has promoted participation and empowerment in Bank-financed operations throughout the Region and organized multi-sectoral policy dialogue and capacity building activities, including government officials, civil society members and the private sector. He has an extensive track record in Institutional Development, Performance Budgeting and Trust in Public Institutions, Change Management, and Social Accountability.
Carolina Rendon is a Public Sector Specialist working in legal and judicial reform topics and other public sector management and governance issues. Prior to joining the Bank, she served as a Legal Advisor to a number of high ranking government officials, including the Peruvian Prime Minister and worked with international organizations such as UNDP and multinational companies, including the Shell Corporation.
David Varela is Senior Public Sector Specialist. He works focuses with projects related to justice sector reform and property rights for Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Previously, he was a Director for the World Bank in Venezuela and Senior Counselor in Peru. Before joining the bank he worked for Andersen & Associates and for Abogados Araujo Ibarra y Asociados law firm in Colombia
Enrique Fanta Ivanovic is Senior Public Sector Specialist with distinctive expertise and an international reputation for his work on improvements in custom and tax administration. His work has included institution building, tax administration, and public expenditure management in many Latin American countries and advisory work across Europe and Central Asia Region. He previously was the Deputy Head of Tax Administration, the Head of the Customs in Chile, and Deputy Director on the Chilean State Modernization and Reform Project.
Christine de Mariz Rozeira is an Economist in the Public Sector Group at the World Bank in Washington DC. Christine specializes on institutions and governance issues in the Latin American and Caribbean region, and has experience in public management reforms within fragile states.



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