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Results, Performance Budgeting and Trust in Government


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There are many ways to consider strengthening results and improving performance in the public sector. This book looks through two lenses. The first is the adoption of budgeting arrangements that promote performance and high quality public services. Performance budgeting brings a focus on the results that are being delivered for resources provided, rather than just how much money is being spent, and aims to strengthen resource allocation, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. The second lens is the relationship between the government's performance in delivering key services and the trust that citizens and firms have in government. (Read more)



Table of Contents (pdf, 813kb)
bulletAcknowledgements (pdf, 782kb)
bulletIntroduction (pdf, 514kb)
bulletAbbreviations (pdf, 784kb)
bulletChapter 1. Performance-Informed Budgeting: Experiences and Opportunities (pdf, 1.1mb)
bulletChapter 2. Why Trust in Government Matters (pdf, 1mb)
bulletChapter 3. Institutional Foundations of Performance-Informed Budgeting (pdf, 1.1mb)
bulletChapter 4. Generating Good Performance Information (pdf, 1mb)
bulletChapter 5. Using Performance Information: Making Better Budget Decisions (pdf, 1.2mb)
bulletChapter 6. Performance and Trust in Government in the OECD and in Latin America (pdf, 1mb)
bulletChapter 7. Implementing Performance-Informed Budgeting: Guidance for Practitioners (pdf, 1mb)
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Governments that Achieve Results: Introducing Performance Mechanisms and Exploring the Trust Dimension
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Gobiernos que logran resultados: Introducción de mecanismos de desempeño y exploración de la dimesión de confianza
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