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SFLACAccessing International Climate Change Related Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean
This paper looks at factors facilitating the access to international financial instruments that support mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. The report explores two questions: (i) does the quality of government institutions matter for enabling action aimed at mitigation or adaptation to the climate change?, and (ii) what financial instruments are available to governments in addition to own resources to address climate change challenges? (More).

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Policy Making in the OECD: Ideas for Latin America
This study summarizes the practice of policy-making in selected OECD countries and provides ideas for improving the quality of public policies in Latin America. (More).


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Performance BudgetingResults, Performance Budgeting and Trust in Government
There are many ways to consider strengthening results and improving performance in the public sector. This book looks through two lenses. The first is the adoption of budgeting arrangements that promote performance and high quality public services. Performance budgeting brings a focus on the results that are being delivered for resources provided, rather than just how much money is being spent, and aims to strengthen resource allocation, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. The second lens is the relationship between the government's performance in delivering key services and the trust that citizens and firms have in government. (More).
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SFLACSeminar on ‘Strengthening Policy-Making Capacity in Latin America: What can be learned from the OECD?’
The Seminar was held on June 1-2, 2010 at the World Bank headquarters, organized by the Public Sector Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean Region with support from LACPREM’s front office and financed by the Spanish Trust Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (SFLAC).  (More).
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seminarInternational seminar on the 'Institutional Framework for the Ownership Organization and the Supervision of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs)'.
The Seminar was organized by the Ministry of Finance with the support of the Bank. It was held on April 15 in Asuncion, Paraguay, and over 70 participants (from Congress, private sector, unions and the media) attended the event. The objective of the Seminar was to develop a consensus on the relevance of the reform of the State supervision of SOEs, currently underway in Paraguay. (More).
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LAC MIC++ ProgramLAC MIC ++ Program
The LAC MIC ++ Program is a new public sector capacity-building instrument designed to offer tailored solutions to the Bank's most sophisticated clients in the Latin America and Caribbean region and engage them as partners in their effort to improve the performance of public agencies. (More).
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Performance-Informed BudgetingLAC Discussion Papers on Public Management
New releases and other publications of the series Working Papers on Public Sector Management, including "Decentralization and Institutional Strengthening in Colombia: Relevant elements of the last two decades", "Studying the Use of Public Sector Boards for Enhancing Ministry-Agency Coordination and Agencies’ Performance in Selected OECD Countries", "Towards a Fiscal Pact: The Political Economy of Decentralization in Bolivia", "Executive-Legislative authority over public servants' pay: Lessons from Paraguay", "Performance-Informed Budgeting in Latin America Experiences and Opportunities", "Public Management Reforms and Property Tax Revenue Improvements: Lessons from Buenos Aires", and "Review of the Policy Utility of the Worldwide Governance Indicators for the Countries of Central America" (More).
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Performance BudgetingQuality of Public Expenditure
"Mexico: Quality of Public Expenditure" is a series of notes produced in collaboration between the Mexican Government’s Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Público and the Public Sector and Governance unit in the World Bank’s Latin American and Caribbean Region. (More).

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Inclusion Justice for All Inclusion Justice for All
The Legal Reform Group developed a knowledge tool for sharing innovative methods for providing justice services to more citizens and enhancing judicial accountability. Mobile courts are an example of a best practice in the region. This initiative offers a traveling judicial service that visits local jurisdictions to resolve legal disagreements, decrease traveling to big cities, and reduce barriers for the access of the justice system (More)





Conference Improving Public Service Performance in the OECS in Times of Crisis 

Senior Executive Pay in Private Sector Bodies receiving Public Subsidies (informal survey) 

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