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LAC Disaster Risk Management

  •  Event: April 17-18, 2012


    Workshop to enhance the awareness of government officials on the vulnerability related to financial shocks caused by natural hazards, and to consolidate a risk financing strategy...
  •  Event: March 29, 2012

    Saint Lucia:

    Understanding the importance of geospatial data to improve information-based decision making for disaster risk reduction, Saint Lucia launched its first national data sharing and management platform...
  •  Results in Action

    El Salvador:

    As regards the seismic phenomenon, the San Salvador Metropolitan Area (AMSS) has been impacted by major earthquakes that resulted in loss of life and property, with impact on the country’s growth and economy...
  •  Publication: CAPRA Project Highlights

    Reducing Vulnerability in
    South America

    Through the years, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, have experienced their share of disasters from earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural hazards...
  •  From the Blogs

    So-called Natural Disasters are not Unpredictable

    No two earthquakes in the world cause equal damage, according to scientists. This is particularly true in Latin America, a land of contrasts...
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1:48 minutes

Costa Rica

Technical Assistance Projects (TAPs)

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1:30 minutes

El Salvador

Technical Assistance Projects (TAPs)

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OpenNotes — 2:57 minutes


OpenNotes — 2:57 minutes The Saint Lucia Integrated National Geonode

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Evidence-Based Decision Making — 2:15 minutes

Niels Holm-Nielsen

LAC Regional DRM Coordinator

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