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The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region has the highest average water availability of all regions, at about 24,400 cubic meters per person. But availability and water security vary widely between and within LAC countries, and in parts of the region the current patterns of water use are unsustainable.   

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Key Issues and Challenges

Many of the water-related challenges in LAC are associated with inequalities in living standards, and to address them adequately will require sustained economic growth.  More


The World Bank’s water portfolio covers all water-related subsectors. The largest portfolio is focused on urban water supply and sanitation. Lending is combined with country dialogue, analytical work, and real-time policy advice More

Strategic Direction 

Water is a basic and essential resource for Ecosystems, People, Production, Tourism, and Navigation and Transport. But, it can also do harm in the form of Storms, floods and water logging. Effective water resources development and management plays a fundamental role in sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

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Water Projects 
  Bullet squareBrazil Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor
  Bullet squarePeru: National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project
  Bullet squareParaguay: Fourth Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project
  Bullet squareEnvironmental Protection and Sustainable Development of the Guarani Aquifer System Project
  Bullet squareMilestones in the Work on Adaptation 
  Bullet squarePeru: Irrigation Subsector Project PSI I – PSI II  
  Bullet squareColombia Water Supply and Sanitation 

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