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For more information on the World Bank's work in OECS not found in this website, please contact:
s Alejandro Cedeno
Senior Communications Officer


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 How are citizens represented at the World Bank?
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Where can I go to find more information?

Online: Review topics such as reports, data, and projects through this website.

Are there updates I can receive via e-mail on new loans, studies, and initiatives?

In addition to a broad range of thematic newsletters which include poverty, health, AIDS, water and sanitation programs and economic growth, the Bank also produces regional and country updates which highlight recently approved projects, publications, and other major initiatives.


Subscribe to our free e-mail regional and country updates, review other World Bank e-mail newsletters.


Where can I provide my opinion on development issues?


Your opinion is welcome.  Provide your comments on a discussion of interest or just review what others have said, visit:

What can individuals do if they feel their interests have been or could be directly harmed by a project financed by the World Bank?

The Inspection Panel is an independent body created in 1993 by a resolution of the Bank's Board of Executive Directors and is the first of its kind to give voice to private citizens in an international context. Private citizens who believe that they or their interests have been or could be directly harmed by a project financed by the World Bank can contact the Inspection Panel. For further details, visit the Inspection Panel Website

What should I do if I have evidence of fraud or corruption in procurement or implementation of a project financed by the World Bank?


The World Bank is supporting multiple efforts to combat corruption in the countries it supports and to ensure projects financed by the World Bank are free from misconduct or fraud.  If you have evidence of corruption, you can submit your complaint through the World Bank Department of Institutional Integrity.

Learn more about the World Bank Anti-Corruption Strategy.


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The World Bank is managed by representatives from each of its member countries. The two governing bodies that make all major policy decisions are the Board of Governors and the Board of Executive Directors .


Learn more about representation, voting share, and decision making at the World Bank.



OPPORTUNITIES  [ Grants  Jobs |  Procurement |  Scholarships ]


What grants are available?


There are various grant/funding opportunities offered by the World Bank. Listed below are some examples.


Development Marketplace
Promoting innovation, the Development Marketplace (DM) is a partnership of various donor groups and investors in the development community and local entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to poverty reduction and development. The primary means for identifying and investing in potential projects is through global and country/regional marketplaces or competitions. Problem-solving entrepreneurs with innovative, poverty fighting ideas compete annually for early-stage seed money to promote small-scale development projects intended to bring concrete benefits to their communities. The winners of the competitions are then linked with partners who have the resources to help them implement their proposals. Since 1998, the DM has invested more than US$34 million in over 800 projects from around the globe.

The Information for Development Program (infoDev) works to promote better understanding and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as tools of poverty reduction and broad-based, sustainable development. Housed at the World Bank, infoDev supports its activities with a variety of small grants for applied research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, and knowledge sharing activities.

For a more complete listing see:

World Bank Grants


I am interested in learning of job opportunities at the World Bank

Review current job openings.

I’m an investor. Is there information on the local investment climate?

FDI Xchange– Provides profiles of new investment opportunities and business environment analysis from emerging markets worldwide

Rapid Response Unit- Knowledge resources specializing in policy advice, investment climate and privatization in developing countries.

How much does my country win in procurement contracts? How can I participate?

The procurement contract awards can be seen on the Contract Awards database. More information on Procurement Opportunities


The following websites contain information including invitations to bid or express interest for contracts under World Bank-financed projects:

Development Gateway (dgMarket)

United Nations Development Business


Are there special opportunities for scholarships for my country?


Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program
IMF Institute Scholarship Program
Asian Development Bank- Japan Scholarship Program

Are there other libraries in the OECS that provide free access to World Bank publications?

The World Bank works with libraries to provide public access to World Bank reports. More information on accessing  depository libraries.

How can I order World Bank publications?

World Bank publications can be ordered through our online bookstore or through the local distributor.


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