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OECS Regional Partnership Strategy

The Regional Partnership Strategy for the OECS is the detailed report on the World Bank's priority areas to assist countries with their own development programs.  It describes all of the World Bank's planned operations in the OECS countries: lending, studies and other technical assistance.

See below for the main points on the current World Bank Regional Partnership Strategy for the OECS, 2010-2014. The full documents are available on the top right side of this page, and the print version of the CAS is also available at the Public Information Center.

More general information about  Country Assistance Strategies.

                            The World Bank Group Strategy for 2010-2014

The World Bank Group’s Regional Partnership Strategy for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) projects financial assistance of up to US$193 million, in addition to technical and advisory services. The strategy seeks to support economic stability, competitiveness, and inclusive and sustained growth.

The strategy focuses on two pillars:

1.     Building resilience by promoting fiscal and debt sustainability, investing in people--particularly social safety nets, education and health--and developing climate resilience.

2.     Enhancing competitiveness and stimulating sustainable growth by improving the countries’ domestic financial sectors, which includes improving the regulatory environment and supervisory frameworks for financial institutions.

(CAS documents available at the top right side of this page)


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